Cat eye makeup

The cat eye makeup is really popular nowadays and it’s a style that most of the women like seeing on them and on other ladies. This model isn’t hard to realize at all, you just need patience and to listen to our piece of advice and you’ll end up with looking like a sassy cat!

You’ve seen this kind of makeup on several celebrities and let’s admit that it looks really great on them! Also, you can look like those stars on the red carpet with only a few minutes in the front of the mirror.

So here’s what you have to do: take some eye color no matter what tone you like and black or brown eyeliner and maybe some handkerchiefs or sponges in order to clean the messy area. Take a sponge or a brush and begin expanding the eye powder on the surface of the superior eye lid and that of the inferior one.
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The next phase is in which you apply eyeliner in the corners of your eyes pronounced, you start from the interior corner of your eyes and end somewhere in the exterior corner of the eye with a prolonged line; as for the inferior eyelid you need a thick and short line in order to focus all the attention on your eyes.

End up with adding extra layers of mascara exactly in the areas where you placed the thicker layer of eyeliner. And speaking of eyeliner, you can realize this type of makeup with the help of a pencil or liquid eyeliner. We recommend you to use the liquid one because it’s more resistant, but it’s harder to use….

You decide on what type of product suits you better. Also if it happens for it to spread around your eyes you can apply for using a sponge or something in order to get rid of the unpleasant areas. Let’s also mention that you can place the sponge before you apply any makeup products on your face, it will be easier for you!

If you want to have the prolonged impression of the eyes you can add some extra layers of dark eye color and you’ll end up with a marvelous aspect. So as you can see, the eyeliner isn’t the only product that can be used.

There are numerous variants of the cat eye makeup: there is the basic variant in which you simply draw a line on the superior eyelid, another one in which you contour both the superior and the inferior eyelid, or that in which you add eye color and it’s named smoky eye cat makeup!

You can realize the smoky eye cat makeup with the help of black powder eyeliner that can be placed on the eyelids with the help of a thin brush. Start adding this cosmetic product on your eyelids in such a manner that you create the impression of prolonged eyes and a deep look. This is quite an interesting model of makeup and it can be used in every moment of the day if you know to combine its elements.