Brown eyes makeup

Brown eyes are great, although some of you may tend to say that they are common and change their color through contact lens…. You can highlight these in a very pretty manner and make them look great as long as you use slight details and the right makeup products. In the lines to come we’re going to offer you some makeup hints concerning your gorgeous eyes.

We start with our first suggestion and it isn’t hard to apply for…. So, you have to take some creamy eye shade and purple eyeliner. Apply the cream on the superior eyelid and on the inferior one draw a nice looking line with the help of this kohl and this is it! Of course, you can end with extra layers of mascara and your great looking makeup is guaranteed: be sure that your eyes are going to pop out.

The combination of a darker eye shade and the liquid eyeliner is classical and really great looking in the same time. So, take an eye shade which is a bit darker than your natural skin tone and apply it on the superior eyelid and on the inferior one as well on the line of your eyelashes. The next step is to draw a thin or thick line with the help of the black liquid eyeliner and finish with adding layers and layers of mascara. Divine and classical in the same time, don’t you think so?
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The combination of darker and lighter eye shadows is great looking as well. Apply for using a dark eye color on the superior eyelid and a lighter tone on the arcade. You can continue with the dark eye shade on the inferior eye lid and finish with some layers of mascara. Be sure that you’re going to look just great and your brown eyes will be highlighted in a very nice way, these will be noticeable from your entire complexion.

Taupe and black liquid eyeliner go so great together. This combination denotes an elegant look, gorgeous and you can be sure that you won’t fail with it! As long as you blend these elements that we’ve indicated you’re simply going to look stunning!

Pink goes great with brown eyes as well! Also, let’s mention that if you want to combine it with eyeliner you can use the brown tone, because it won’t be that dramatic. You can apply only for adding a small quantity of mascara on the superior eyelids and the look will be complete.

Also, these aren’t our singular examples when it comes to brown eyes makeup. In the future time we’re going to present you some other hints for brown eyes….