Hazel eyes makeup 3

We continue with our examples concerning the type of makeup that can be used for hazel eyes and this time we start with an interesting eye makeup that will highlight your tan and the brown in your eyes in the same time. It’s not hard to realize, you only need to follow attentively all the indications that we’re offering….

So, you start with applying dark blue eye pencil in the interior side of the inferior eye lid and on the line of the eyelashes as well. The next think is to take a shimmering blue tone and begin spreading it with a brush around your eyes, making sure that the interior corner and the arcade are highlighted with the help of a lighter tone of blue eye color.

You can create an impression of cat eye makeup if you trace a thick line towards the exterior line of the eyebrow. This sounds tempting, doesn’t it? This look will be ideal if you choose to go out with the girls in a club or simply to drink something. As you can observe, it isn’t hard to make at all and let’s also mention that the mascara has an important role too, because if you add multiple layers, you’re going to end up with a really nice looking aspect.
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Another interesting makeup would be playing with colors and finishing with a thin line of liquid eyeliner…. This is great looking and we hope that you apply for it. So, here’s hat you have to do: take a blue eye shade and combine it with a warm color tone.

This won’t be difficult at all, trust us! Choose the thinner makeup brush that you have in your purse and start adding these two eye colors in the following manner: take the warmer tone and apply it in the interior corner of the eye, the blue tone should be applied in the other middle side of the upper eye lid and on the entire side of the inferior one. This will create a nice visual effect and your eyes will be highlighted as well.

Another thin that we need to mention is the fact that you can apply for a thin line of pencil eyeliner in the interior side of the eyes and on the superior eyelid you can add a thin line with a liquid eyeliner in order to give the impression of really bold eyes and an intense sight in the same time. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and you’re going to look absolutely stunning, trust us!