Angelina Jolie makeup styles

When it comes to Angelina Jolie the only thing that can come into our heads (and on our lips) is “gorgeous”. You’ve seen some pictures of hers without makeup and you must have remained astonished as you could not observe any difference between the persona with the makeup and that without the makeup.

In the lines to come you’re going to read some descriptions concerning her makeup style and how she has evolved throughout the years into looking really fine. Well, we would like to start with the fact that she used to prefer a more natural look without too many makeup products on her face: natural tone of makeup foundation, rose towards natural lips and a fine touch of mascara on the upper lips, on the exterior corner of the eyes basically.

Indeed she has some nice eyes there and she highlights them with a simple and thin line of eyeliner. And this is how her makeup style evolves when it comes to the eyes: with a simple touch of mascara on the upper eyelashes, to a thin line of eyeliner on the superior eyelid and more and more eyeliner( but not in a dramatic mode), also she jumps to smoky eyes, but with bright colors. She looks great with all the makeup styles and elements that she applies for and this is certain.
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Also, she blends in a really interesting manner the eyeliner with the smoky eyes makeup style and this combination seems to catch her complexion and features in a very nice manner. She uses a lot of bright color tones on the eyes and up to nothing and just mascara: quite some nice elements.

Let’s take the lips into consideration: she has nice lips as well and she highlights them very nicely with nude color tones and fresh tones of pink: rose, coral with or without being glossy. In all these combinations she succeeds in obtaining nice lips, which look really fresh and great all the times.

No matter if she applies for a natural makeup style with minimalist elements or a more glamorous one with smoky eyes and dark colors, Angelina Jolie succeeds to catch the admiration of all who are looking at her and you can be sure that she won’t fail with no matter what kooky style she embraces. She is indeed a person to admire for her good taste and her natural features, because sometimes nature is the key element in the way you look.