Highlighting your eyes through makeup

Many women tend to put all the accent on the eyes and all the makeup that they apply for consists in eye makeup in fact. Well, lips shouldn’t be omitted as well, they can be highlighted with the help of a transparent lip balm or depending on the eye makeup that you apply for you can use a lip color or another.

Not all are lucky to have a beautiful pair of eyes, we’re designed in different manners it’s a well known fact and you have to take into consideration that if you want to highlight your eyes in a special manner you have to listen to our pieces of advice….

So what can be done in highlighting your eyes through makeup and making them look bigger? Well, the answer is pretty simple and we’ve got all the solutions possible here.
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Our first makeup hint consists in highlighting your eyes through the usage of eye shadow. This is the first step in looking gorgeous and we’re sure that you already know that. You can apply for matte tones or shimmering ones, depending on the occasion you’re attending. Try all kinds of eye shade colors you have available and you’re going to end up with a really great looking result. A good idea would be also to use colored shades, because these make them pop and they are highlighted better and in a gorgeous manner.

The next makeup style is also great when it comes to making your eyes pop out: use a colored eye shade in a bright tone and a thin line of eyeliner on the superior eyelid. Quite an interesting combination, don’t you think so? Oh, and it’s impossible not to have used it, at least once in your lifetime.

As we mentioned before, you can apply for an eye shade that is really bright and has a really kooky colored. The effect is guaranteed and we’re sure that you’re going to look gorgeous.

The lashes have their well determined role as well! You know if these are really long and black, your eyes are going to be pretty highlighted and you can be sure that your eyes will simply pop out from your entire complexion. Also, sometimes it isn’t enough to highlight them with the help of mascara: you can also curl them and this can be done with the help of a curler or it’s better to use the mascara brush for doing it.