Vanity makeup tables 2

As you already have observed there are so many models of vanity makeup tables that you just can’t imagine. That’s why we decided to bring you some extra examples of such pieces of furniture and accessories and maybe you will make an idea and decide that this is the model you like to be in your bedroom. You have where to choose from and we definitely bring you interesting models, so this means that you have where to choose from.
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Our first suggestion is made of wood, dark wood that is…. This vanity makeup table has of course a table, a mirror and a chair. The table has four nicely and neat looking drawers somewhere in the exterior sides.

The surface of this table is just enough so you can place all your cosmetics and makeup accessories there. The mirror is composed of three main parts: a big mirror and two smaller ones and these will be useful every time you intend on to realize your makeup or simply look in the mirror and admire yourself. The chair is roundly looking and it’s made of wood and white fabric. It might have a dark color tone, but this minimalist model will always be in trend.

This example will definitely enchant you, because besides the vanity makeup table there are some other elements there and let’s mention that this model is ideal to be placed in the bathroom. So, the middle table is the vanity makeup table and in the exterior parts there are other two surfaces in which there are placed two sinks. You can place a small mirror on the middle of the table and on the back side there’s the big mirror in which you can admire yourself entirely.

For those that aren’t into the wood material, they can adopt a metallic one and chair as well. This metallic vanity makeup table is ideal for those that have extravagant tastes and want to differ from the others. Even the mirror has metallic motifs and elements on it. The table is made in the shape of a baby bed and somewhere on the superior side there’s a glass part on which you can place all your cosmetics and whatever. The chair has metallic details on it and in the interior side there’s the part with the fabric, the seat to be more exact, which is made of puffy fabric.

Our last suggestion is definitely for a sassy lady and it denotes simplicity in the same time. This vanity makeup table is made in white tone and it has five small drawers. The mirror is in the center of this table and it’s covered from the same type of material. The chair is neat, but really normal in the same time, similar to a desk chair or something like that.

What we enjoyed the most was the model and it’s indeed simple and it denotes a certain precious side of yours. Having such a table in your bedroom or bathroom isn’t difficult at all; you can order it custom made and looking at these models it’s a good starting point!