Lip colors cassettes

Who said that lip stick should always be under the format of a stick? In fact, in this topic we’re going to call it lip color, which is designed to color lips (of course) and it can be found under the format of a poudrier….

We start with an interesting case of colors that contains marvelous tones and makes your entire aspect greater. This accessory is designed under a petit format and it contains colors for the eyes too.

For the lips it contains sensual and fresh tones like nude ones or golden ones that imitate the bronzed skins. Apply for a nude look during the day time and apply for a more sensual look during the evenings when you decide to go and have a drink in a pub downtown.

There’s also a variant of this color case that has different tones of red, that red that persists in time and it is never going to be out of fashion. Red lip stick can be worn with a T-shirt, a trench or with a classy dress; and you can use this metaphor for this great make-up cassette or for make-up in general….

Here’s another great combination of eye colors and lip nuances too. We’re interested only in the products designed for lips. These are made in coral colors, really refined and great looking. What’s really great is the fact that you have the brushes attached to this case and you can easily play with the little squares of colors and see what suits you the most.

All of these colors are really bright and will confer a special aspect to your lips and juicy too. You can find various tones under different names, like: shell lip color, coral reef metallic, cabo coral or salmon.

Another interesting looking cassette of lip colors is silvery nuance and it has five great looking colors in round shapes. You can try all of the five tones and see what suits you the most.

Each color is wonderful looking and let’s also mention that besides those great nuances you have also a thin brush that will help you color your lips in an appropriate manner.

Speaking of colors, the basics are red and golden tones, such as: Campari, nougat, taffy, crystal or grenadine. If you like the way this case looks like, you should know that it is in a limited edition and you should hurry up and buy it.

Besides the elements mentioned before this case has also a big mirror that will help you apply easily the product on your lips.