Dramatic eye makeup

Dramatic eye makeup is a style that many of you enjoy applying on your eyes and let’s also recognize the fact that you look great with it on. How is it realized? What exactly are the features regarding this type of makeup? All these things won’t be unknown to you from now on….

We start with mentioning the fact that the dramatic eye makeup focuses on highlighting the eyes with the help of dark colors. Here’s how such a makeup style is realized by relating to the first model: you take a crayon eye liner in black tone and/or another crayon in gray tone. Apply the black eyeliner in the interior side of the eye, all around them in order to highlight them pretty much. Continue with applying some gray eyeliner on the inferior eyelid towards the exterior side of the eye and highlight that corner pretty much.

The next step is to add a darker nuance of eye color and apply over it, black eye liner and also focus on the exterior side of the eyes. And here’s how it’s done! It isn’t difficult at all, is it? After you finish all these things apply extra layers of mascara in order to highlight your eyes pretty much.

The idea with the really dark eye color can be substituted with other marvelous colors and tones. For instance, let’s take into consideration this type of makeup and let’s also speak about it, how it can be realized and maybe you’ll get a general idea and do it yourself at home, because it isn’t hard at all!

The basic thing is to start with black eyeliner to highlight your eyes and contour them in order to continue the rest of the makeup. Start applying a dark tone of eye color on the inferior eyelids. On the upper eyelids start applying also black eyeliner, immediately after you have applied a really intense blue tone on the surface of the superior eyelid.

The dramatic eye makeup can be realized only with the help of eyeliner sometimes! Yes, you don’t need extra eye colors or something like that, just a dark tone around your eyes. Let’s mention that for the black and brown eyes you can create a dramatic look with the help of a blue or gray eyeliner or even black if you know how to use it.

Take some black eyeliner and begin applying it around your eyes in order to create a great looking contour. This can be realized with the help of a pencil, liquid or powder eyeliner. You can spread with a small and thin brush or even with the help of a sponge and this is how you can obtain a dramatic eye makeup. Kind of easy, isn’t it?

If you didn’t know about this makeup style up to this moment, then you should know of it from now on and let’s also mention that you can start making it from the moment in which you begin reading this topic, because it isn’t an impossible thing to realize!