Your natural make-up for spring

Make-up trends can vary from extreme natural aspect to a very extravagant and exclusivist one. You can adopt both of these patterns as long as you know where to apply them and with what they can be worn. Up until now we have presented you two such looks: one extravagant, youthful and highlighted through energy and another one characterized through youth, natural with a touch of color. We were speaking of the recent topics, because we know we have others that regard make-up too….

So, today we have for you a really natural look that doesn’t need many make-up products or too many “processes” to be done.

Being a fresh type of make-up we recommend not using make-up foundation, not even powder! Just use some blush in your cheeks in order to give color to your face and make you look full of life. This blush can be a mixture of different nuances of pink or purple, it doesn’t matter! Your cheeks must look colorful, that’s the only thing!

The next part is dedicated to the eyes. For the eyes, we recommend the usage of a powder in the same nuance of that used on the cheeks, in that pink or purple nuance. Use it on the eyelids in order to create some shadows. The next step is to apply a little amount of liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelids and for the down ones we recommend you to use some light brown or dark brown matte powder in order to underline them.

The next step is to apply mascara and you’re done with the eyes! The basic idea for this type of make-up for the eyes is to apply products in a small quantity in order for them not to be observed or not to look as if your eyes are under a “cover” of make-up.

The last segment refers to the lips! We recommend for you a moisturizer gloss with Vitamin C and which hydrates the lips! You can apply for various nuances of pink, starting from a fade pink, to a spicy one and to a peach nuance, or even a mixture between pink and violet!

As you can see there are not so many products used here! It’s important how you use and apply them! Make sure that you have a common color of your face, for example the color used in your cheeks can be found also in the make-up applied to the eyes and to the color of the lip gloss too! There shouldn’t be disparities between these elements. So good luck in realizing your fresh and natural spring make-up!