Different makeup styles 2

You already know that there are several makeup styles for which you can apply for. Indeed, you can opt for some styles that enhance only your eyes or your lips, or both. Also, we recommend you some other models in which you can use your imagination, be extravagant or crazy. We’ve suggested you some models already. Today we decided to make some reviews on just how many makeup models one can use and maybe you’re going to play with these in the future.

There’s the first style that we want to start with…. In this one you highlight both the eyes and the lips.

In what does it consist in? Well, we are going to start with the eyes! Use eyeliner to contour your eyes, highlight these in a pretty manner. Use different shades of eye color dark and light ones and finish with adding mascara. As for the eyes we recommend you to use a gloss in a very strong tone and make it a little bit shimmering. The effect is definitely scrumptious!
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Our next suggestion goes for highlighting your eyes with the help of smoky eyes makeup and leaving your lips nude with the help of a transparent or really natural looking gloss. You already know how to use the style with smoky eyes, don’t you? You have to use eyeliner and dark eye shadows. Or you simply can resume contouring your eyes with the help of contour kohl or liquid eyeliner and use shades in a grey tone. Finish with adding mascara.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a transparent gloss without too much shimmer in it or without. Also, a gloss that has the aspect of honey is a good idea as well. As you can observe there’s nothing into doing it.

The next model that we would like to suggest to you is kind of similar to the previous one. You can highlight your eyes in the exterior corner with the help of eyeliner in combination with dark eye shadow. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara and make sure that your eyes will pop out from your entire complexion and makeup combinations. This type of usage of the makeup is called doe eyes and it’s really popular nowadays.

The lips? They have to remain nude or apply for a really natural tone of lipstick or even a lip balm that indicates the fact that these are hydrated and really fresh looking. You only need to practice these makeup styles in order for these to succeed and so you’re going to look pretty nice and cute in the same time.