Liquid and cream eye shadows 2

We start with presenting you some other examples of liquid eye shadow and you’re certainly going to like these examples that we’re giving now as well. So, we would like to continue with some other products that are definitely effective. Indeed, they can cost some extra money but you can be sure that these won’t let you down.

We start with a pencil from NARS that can be purchased around $24 and you can use it really easy due to the thin tip and you can apply it as much as you can and on the surface needed. Quite interesting isn’t that right? Let’s also mention that this particular product is ideal for long wearing and it’s crease resistant fact that amazes us pretty much.

Another thing that we need to mention is that you can use it has a makeup base or simply as a shadow without encountering any difficulties when it comes to being observed or stuff like that.

This next product that we want to talk about comes directly from Bobbi Brown and it can be purchased around the price of $22. We’re speaking about a cream shadow which is really comfortable and easy to apply. This one has a velvety finish and soft in the same time. Also, it doesn’t crease, it is resistant and it maintains its true color. You can apply it with the help of your fingertips or with the help of a normal brush. You can use it even if you wear contact lens and it’s fragrance free. How about that?
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Another product that we want to mention about is a cream eye color duo from Laura Mercier. This one can be purchased around the price of $28. You can find this particular product in two interesting shades which are really great looking in the same time and that will confer you a nice looking aspect. This particular eye shadow will confer your eyes shadows that look like touches of cashmere and you can find dark and light shades if you really want to.

These tones go really nice together; they have a soft touch and make your eyes look gorgeous. Let’s also mention that these eye colors have at their basis ingredients that reflect light and in the same time these provide a healthy and young aspect to your skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are covered in a gorgeous manner and there are a lot of great advantages if you come to use this particular eye shadow.

There are three tones for which you can apply for: one with pink and purple, one with pink and orange and one with yellow and kaki. Nice combinations!