How to have a perfect makeup

Makeup is part of our lives, makes us more beautiful, we get rid of the signs of fatigue, it makes us younger; it is like our best friend. But when you do not know how to “put” it, it can become our enemy number one.
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Makeup was and remains an art and should therefore be made with the greatest care so the result will be spectacular. We will learn more on the issue of choosing and applying a foundation. It’s pretty difficult to find the best foundation, so I will give some tips.

Foundation must be in perfect harmony with your face. In no event should not be a mask. Many women desire to cover as much skin imperfections, and they do two critical mistakes:

1. not choosing the right color, the tendency is to choose a foundation with two maybe even three shades darker;

2. apply foundation in excessive amount;

Makeup specialists recommend not to use foundation on your neck and cleavage. That means that it must fit so well with the skin of the face, that there is no color difference between the face and neck.

But how to choose the best shade? To be sure that we make the right choice we should test the foundation directly on the face, and to visualize the effect of natural light. It is difficult because we do not have this possibility too. Another way, less efficient, but easier is to test the foundation on the inside of the palm. It has the skin tone similar to the skin.

On the application of foundation should be aware of these issues:

1. facial skin must be clean and moisturized.

2. Best way to apply foundation is using its own fingers with the hands, of course, perfectly clean, the foundation is more evenly spread than when using the sponge. In addition, the sponge can develop a range of bacteria, is necessary to wash and change them often. If you want to know how you will finish your perfect makeup… follow up the articles.

These hints will definitely help you to look great and obtain the aspect you wish. Up to this moment we have some suggestions concerning some great looking makeup styles and if you add those topics to this one( and the one that will preceed) you’re going to look divine.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t obtain the great look just immediately: it takes time and a lot of effort, because after all, wearing makeup and realizing it is an art. If you like the things mentioned here feel free to share your opinions with us and be sure that you’re going to obtain all the additional information you like if you’re really interested in something in particular.