Makeup for green eyes

Here’s how we continue with some other suggestions on how you can realize a wonderful makeup for your green eyes and we’re sure that you’re going to end up being successful if you take into account all the pieces of advice offered here. We also hope that you read carefully all the hints offered previously and maybe you’re going to apply for them in the future.

So how you can highlight your eyes better? You can do this with the help of a peach colored eye shadow and purple eyeliner. This isn’t hard at all! Take the peach eye shadow and add it on the superior eyelids all around their surface, make sure that you use a lighter tone just underneath the eyebrows. The next thing is to add purple eyeliner on the inferior eyelids and this is how you’re going to realize a great looking makeup. As you can observe it’s not hard at all.

Let’s continue with mentioning some things that relate to the other aspects. Like the fact that you have to use peach tones blush in your cheeks in order to make your face look fresher. Use on the lips a lip gloss with a peachy tone and you’re going to end up looking just fine! Indeed, a nice looking makeup style if we come to think of it.
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Matte brown eye shadow is another great idea that we suggest to you when it comes to highlighting your green eyes. So, add brown eye shadow on the superior eye lid and continue with adding it on the inferior one as well. Finish with adding mascara only on the superior eyelashes and we’re sure that this will create a mesmerizing effect.

The lips should look fresh and really voluptuous in the same time. You can apply for a light color of pink for the lip gloss and make sure that it doesn’t have glitter in it.

The last recommendation that we have for you up to this moment refers to the taupe eye shadow. This one is really great looking and it makes you look gorgeous. Add this particular tone of eye shadow around your eyes, especially on the superior eyelids and add some of it on the inferior ones as well. This will definitely create a nice visual effect on your eyes and it will focus all the attention towards them. Make sure you add mascara on the superior and on the inferior ones as well. This creates a great looking aspect and we’re sure that you’re going to succeed in looking just like the model in the picture.

For the lips we recommend you to use a shiny lip gloss that makes your lips look fresh and make sure you apply for a peach cream tone of lipstick. This is indeed a nice combination!