Vibrating sponge for make-up foundation

You already know that we had a topic regarding the manners in which you can apply make-up foundation. You may already have a favorite method in which you apply this product on your face.

Let’s revise a little bit all the methods and manners of doing this thing and we’re going to show you a revolutionary method, with a new product and maybe you’ll reconsider all the methods we already mentioned about!

We start with our hands. Spray a little bit of that liquid make-up foundation or poor it on your hand and simple glide with your hands on your face making sure you massage the areas really well and tap to make sure that the liquid has penetrated your skin.

Make sure you don’t leave marks on your face, take a mirror and look at yourself in it while you’re at the window or in an area with natural light! If it’s night, go in the bathroom and study yourself very attentively!

The next method we’ve mentioned about is using brushes! The brush can be used when you apply powder on your face, because you already know there other textures of make-up foundation, besides the liquid one! When you use the brush, push it on your face in order for the powder to enter in your complexion.

The other method we spoke about is using the sponge. This manner of applying make-up foundation is quite good both for powder make-up foundation. We need to mention also that you must be attentive not to leave marks, although this method seems to be the most efficient although you consume a lot of product on it!

Before we present that really good product, we need to mention that in order to find the right nuance of make-up foundation you can combine two different nuances and so obtaining a really nice result.

The product we’ve been talking about is really nice, it has at the basis the sponge and with the help of vibrations and a button you will obtain wonderful effects. The product has a plastic thingy with a sponge on top of it. Press the button that can be found on one side of this “brush” and the gadget will begin to vibrate.

Place the make-up foundation on the sponge, it will begin to move and with this continuous movement it will penetrate your skin really fine! Think that you do only one move with your hands, which is wonderful when you’re in a hurry! Actually the sponge does all the business for you! You’ll look great, without any marks on your face and with a clean aspect…

Let’s mention that this sponge is especially created for powder make-up foundation and it comes together with the container.