Attracting attention through makeup

Entering the room and catching the instant attention of all the eyes is a dream that most women have, you can do this thing through the clothes that you wear or though the makeup – but this is a lesson that we’ve been presenting you throughout the time and we’re certain that you know what we’re meaning….

Using red lipstick can be really interesting when it comes to attracting some looks. Use a pale makeup foundation and highlight both the eyes and the lips and you can be sure that it won’t be any problem when it comes to being great looking.
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The eyes can be highlighted with the help of a shimmering eye shade in a very light tone, a thin line of eyeliner and plenty layers of mascara. As for the lips we recommend you to use a creamy and bold looking lipstick that will make you look great! Be sure that you’re going to look pretty great if you listen to our suggestions. Also, for an extra bold effect we recommend you not to use blush in your cheeks….

If you have a tanned complexion and big brown eyes then it means that this makeup style will definitely suit you! Use basically black eyeliner in the interior side of the eyes and after you’ve highlighted your eyes in a pretty manner, make sure that you begin playing with colors, with colored crayons to be more exact!

Use on the exterior corner of your superior eyelid some black eyeliner in order to make these look bolder and finish with adding extra layers of all the colors on both the eyelids. Finish with adding layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes.

Using smoky eyes makeup is another ideal solution in order to look bold and catch some attention. This style is particularly realized with the help of dark eye colors and you can play with these all around your eyes. You can also add the impression of cat eye look with the help of some lines. In order to make your eyes bigger you can apply for using white crayon on the interior side of the inferior eyelid – the result is stunning!

Use a bright tone of lipstick on your lips and a thin line of eyeliner on the superior eyelids. You’re going to create a compact image and more likely you’re going to attract some eyes from the first moment. Use also bright eye shades and the result is quite nice looking: full lips and cute eyes (and to finish add mascara).