Britney Spears makeup

Britney Spears was considered some time ago a beauty icon: that perfect belly, that great looking hair and always looking great with that makeup applied on her face. After reading our previous article you must made up your mind when it comes to beauty icons and we suggest reconsidering your general ideas.

Leaving these aspects behind let’s see how you can realize makeup similar to Britney Spears’ and also in the end of this article you’ll feel just great after seeing how does she look in real life, without any cosmetics on her complexion and we bet that if you make this kind of look, the effect will be much greater and be sure that you’re going to be divine compared to her! So let’s give you some tips….

We start with the basics, and these regard the makeup foundation and the concealer. It’s very important to use them in order to hide certain imperfections of your face, everybody has them so don’t you worry! Apply for a similar color tone of makeup foundation to that of your skin from your neck and don’t stop until you obtain it.

Also the specialists use illuminator and it’s a great thing if you do it to, just you should know where to apply it: in the middle side of your face near the nose and lips and on the forehead too. The next step is for the cheeks: place a slight amount of pink blush and you’ll obtain a great looking effect and you can be sure of that.

These being said we finished with the basics, let’s continue with the next elements and these regard eye makeup: they usually apply for dramatic makeup when it comes to Britney Spears. Her eyes are pretty highlighted: use black eyeliner around the interior side of your eyes or apply this black eyeliner on the eyelashes area too. The next thing that you can do is to put brown eye color underneath the arcades and use a lighter tone on the arcades towards the eyebrows.

Let’s also mention the fact that her eyes are pretty highlighted with the help of the eyeliner. in the exterior corners of the eyes there is used a big amount of such product and in the interior it is used a light tone of eye color or maybe even concealer, in order to draw all the attention towards her eyes: this is the ideal way in order to focus all the eyes towards your eyes.

The makeup foundation and the mascara do wonders for Britney Spears. Her unhealthy way of leaving has damaged seriously her skin: she has acne, dark circles and an unpleasant skin color.

After seeing the images that present her without makeup you would probably feel marvelous being you and also with your plain style of using makeup products like black eyeliners and makeup foundation and some mascara and that’s your look for the day! Well, why shouldn’t it be in this way? After all, you definitely look great in your own plain way and it should be a fact!