Makeup for blue eyes

Depending on your eye color you can apply for a type of makeup or another. There are certain makeup models that seem to highlight only some eye colors, well it’s not really in this way, it’s just in the way you apply it and if you have no idea what suits the most your eyes, you will know from now on, because this topic is dedicated to eye makeup for blue eyes….

We start with some great looking models of makeup and if you pay attention you will know how to realize these! So, our first example of makeup for blue eyes is kind of a dramatic one: contour your eyes with the help of a black eyeliner, maybe pencil and make sure that you focus pretty much on the exterior corners of your eyes; the next step is to take some brown eye color and apply it in the arcade area or maybe only on the upper eyelid only and highlighting the exterior corner of the eyes; we recommend also to highlight the lower corner of the eyes with the help of a brown crayon or eye powder. The last detail regards highlighting the interior corner of your eyes with the help of an illuminator or a shiny (white, why not?!) eye powder in order to make the exterior corners look highlighted.

The final phase is that in which you apply abundantly black mascara and the result is: breathtaking! As you can observe in this image the color of the eye powder is in perfect coordination with that of the hair and we recommend you to do the same thing: choose approximately the same color and you’ll end up being successful.

Another thing that you should know when it comes to the makeup applied on the blue eyes is this one: every time you choose to apply a black eye liner it’s great if you add an extra touch of blue with the help of a blue one. You may think that it’s too much, well it isn’t exactly in this way, it’s on the contrary!

No matter if you choose this pattern of makeup or the one presented previously, make sure that you highlight the exterior corners of your eyes and add extra layers of mascara or even fake eyelashes.

Besides the fact that you can highlight your eyes with black eye liner, this can be also done with the help of a blue one, and only blue. Start with putting a darker nuance of blue around your eyes and in the interior corner of your eyes you may apply for a white and shimmering nuance. Also, there’s the variant in which before putting eyeliner on the upper eyelid to spread a blue eye color and this creates an interesting effect.

You can combine this blue tone with a brown one or even yellow…. These work divine together and don’t forget about the mascara! You’ll attract everybody’s eyes with this great looking makeup! You can name this type of makeup smoky eyes because it has a certain touch of that style and you have to agree that it looks great.

If these types of makeup for black eyes don’t seem enough then you can add whatever you may want to find out about and tell us about it, we’re just expecting for your suggestions….