Pin-up makeup

The pinup makeup is typical to the retro period and if we mentioned about the word “retro” then you made a general idea and you know what we’re talking about. Of course, the person who you may think of is Marilyn Monroe: let’s admit that she’s an icon when it comes to this style of makeup. So let’s present you some great looking makeup styles that have at the basis this concept.

The basic thing about this type of makeup is the fact that your face needs to look like it doesn’t have any impurity or defect. So, here’s how it goes: apply makeup foundation in a very natural color and tone, very similar to your color. Another thing is to use a fade lush, not to intense in order to make also the impression of natural.

The next thing is to use an illuminator on the middle area of your face, under the eyebrows, next to the nose and underneath your lips; it’s very important to use this product in order to obtain the pinup makeup look.
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Your eyebrows need to look great too, not fill them with makeup foundation or different products; they should look well contoured and make sure that they are the same and not that thin.

Next in our list of suggestions is for the eyes. Try not to use a very dark eye color, use one that is close in tone with your skin tone or don’t use at all. The basic thing and which is important about this type of makeup is the line made with the help of the black liquid eyeliner. Finish your eyes with adding mascara and only on the upper eyelashes and that is it!

The lips are also important: use a very vivid tone of lip stick in a very oily texture. You’re going to see that you are going to look great and indeed you’re going to obtain that special look. If you add a hairstyle similar to what fashionable in those years (and it still is) then clearly you’re ripped out of the stories!

There are a lot of celebrities that apply for that type of makeup and well they do, because it’s really in trend and you can be sure that you’re going to look great with it! Let’s not forget that this image is very popular nowadays and also that it is going to last for some time in the future.

Some of the elements used in this style will never ever going to fade, so if you like it now, you’re still going to be trendy in let’s say ten years!

Good luck in realizing your pinup makeup, because as you can observe it’s not hard at all! Let’s also mention that with extra attention and patience you’re going to end up looking just like in those periods and also don’t forget about a cockade here and there, some marvelous curls and different details that were used then, they can be very useful you know?!