Makeup fall trends

We know that we’ve been suggesting some examples and in what concerns the fall makeup that you can apply for and we’re certain that you made a general idea and you’re going to know exactly for what type of makeup you can apply in this cold season.
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The accent, as we’ve mentioned several times before, is placed both on the eyes and on the lips as well. You can apply for smoky eyes makeup in the eye area and highlighting the lips in a gorgeous manner in the same time.

So, there’s the option in which you can apply for such a makeup style: apply dark eyeliner all around the eyes and in the interior side of them and on the exterior side as well. Continue with applying eye shadow in a dark tone on the inferior and on the superior eyelids.

Also, there’s the variant in which you can highlight your eyebrows with the help of a brown crayon, one that is designed especially to contour your brows and make them look definite and gorgeous in the same time.

The lips can be highlighted with the help of a lipstick in a matte tone of red and make sure that you create a perfect contour with the help of this lip color. It’s indeed a nice combination and we would like to recommend you also to apply for a lighter tone of makeup foundation because it helps you highlight better the eyes and the lips in the same time.

For special occasions you can definitely apply for smoky eyes as well and make sure that you use powerful colors and highlight your eyes in a gorgeous manner with the help of the makeup details. So, start with contouring your eyes with the help of eyeliner making sure that you make them pop out the entire complexion. Another thing is to use eye shadow all around your eyes and make sure that you use two different tones: a darker one and a lighter one; the darker one should be used on the eyelids all around your eyes and the lighter one can be used on the arcade.

Let’s also mention that you have to add shadows in your cheeks as well and make sure that you highlight them and this will make your face look thinner. Apply for a bronzer in order to make your face look gorgeous and you can definitely use an illuminator in the interior corner of your eyes. another thing that we need to mention about concerns the fact that you have to use a crayon on the brows and offer the impression of perfect contour and a certain unity with the eye makeup.

The tone that you use on the lips should be a light one, use a creamy lipstick that has a peachy tone and make sure that you apply it all around your lips.