Eyeliner makeup – creative and dramatic look

We’re not done yet to the makeup styles that have at the basis the usage of eyeliner and we’ve got some other examples to offer to you in order to know just in how many styles you can use this makeup accessory. So, up to this moment we’ve presented you the gothic makeup style, which is based on plenty of eyeliner, there’s also the bold look and the casual one. In the lines to come you’re going to find out about some other interesting pieces of art and be sure that you won’t have any problems when it comes to applying these.
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We start with an interesting style that has at the basis the eyeliner as well and there are combinations between different tones of eyeliner. You can use blue eyeliner, kohl maybe and you can create an interesting view, of prolonged eyes.

Over this cat eye impression that can be created with the help of any other color shade of eyeliner you can make a contour with the help of black and liquid eyeliner. This is quite a creative style and we hope that you enjoy making it, because the effect is stunning.

And speaking about creative styles, how about this one? Take your favorite eye shade and apply it on the surface of the upper eyelid and on the inferior one as well. The next step consists in applying a thin line with the help of your liquid eyeliner in the exterior corner of your eyes and creating a little bit the impression of a cat eye look. You can apply for using small dots on the surface of the upper eyelid and this will definitely raise some eyes. It’s quite an interesting makeup style and you can try very smoothly to apply for it….

You can also get dramatic with the help of a single eyeliner product. How is that? The answer is really simple: drag lines on the superior eyelid and make them as thick as you can, continuing in the exterior corner of your eyes towards the eyebrows.

Not only can you realize this model of makeup with the help of liquid eyeliner, but also you can apply for using powder eyeliner that can be spread all around your eyes creating the impression of really contoured eyes and so, you’re going to obtain a dramatic look.

Quite interesting don’t you think so? It is indeed, and the results are also stunning! The basic key is to use the eyeliner as the main products, but you can also apply for other shades, eye colors, also dark that will definitely boost your aspect in a pleasurable manner.