Liquid and cream eye shadows

We promised to offer you some other examples of cream or liquid eye shadow and we’re back with this topic presenting you some suggestions that will definitely seem interesting to you and a great option.

We start with some cream eye shadows that have a metallic touch and can be worn for a long time. If you use this eye shadow your eyes are going to receive a particular sparkle and your eyes will be highlighted in a gorgeous manner. These products are from Bobbi Brown’s collection and they can be purchased around $22. You can find it in 12 amazing shades and this is definitely a good thing!

The next suggestion that we have for you consists of an eye shadow pen that is really easy to use and that will confer you a really interesting look. You can find this particular pen in two marvelous nuances in gold and brown and the visual effect is going to be stunning. This product we’re talking about is a retractable pen that is very easy to use on the eye lid, it’s like a caress on your lids and the visual effect created is definitely interesting.
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Your eyes will be covered with metallic sparkle and you can definitely use this product as an eye shadow or to simply place some light on your eyes. Quite some exquisite elements, don’t you think so? This particular pen that we’re talking about costs around $35 and you can be certain that it’s going to have marvelous effects on your look and let’s not forget that this one is from Guerlain.

There’s the Clinique cream eye shadow that we want to mention about and this one is under the format of a lip gloss. This light cream eye shadow resists about 10 hours and your eyes will definitely look vibrant and great looking in the same time. If you wear contact lens you can be certain that it won’t affect your eyes, it’s ophthalmological tested and really great looking on your eyes in the same time.

How do you sue this product? Well, you simply take the sweep applicator and use the color on the entire eyelid. With the help of your finger tips you’re going to press on your eyelid and make sure that it’s the right amount of color you want there. Before using this cream eye shade you can use another one in a lighter tone underneath and you can use it as a primer.

This particular eye shadow is going to help you to maintain yourself beautiful all day long, it won’t crease and most of all it has an affordable price, around $15 and this is definitely a big plus.