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12 Best Man Speeches To Get Inspired By

Writing a rockstar best man speech that both WOWS the crowd and inspires everyone doesn’t come easy. There has to be a little bit of preparation and practice. Today we’re giving you 12 best man speech examples that can help you get started. These best man samples can be modified to include your own personal stories and memories. They are super easy to deliver and are simple to remember. But if you feel that you need a complete guide to writing and delivering a killer wedding speech, we have you covered too! Click here for your complete guide to speeches.

There is no doubt the biggest fear when delivering a speech is simply the public speaking aspect of it, but there is also a fear of messing up with some helpful tips on avoiding wedding speech mistakes that will have the guests hanging on every word.

Traditional Wedding Speech Order

Before we get into the actual speech examples, it’s essential to know when the best man is scheduled to present his speech. Of course, any couple tying the knot can mix up the wedding speech schedule to suit their own needs, but here is the traditional wedding speech order.

Here’s the ultimate guide to the traditional wedding speech order.

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Things To Include In Your Best Man Speech

Knowing how to write a best man speech is equally important to delivering it. Here are a few traditional things that you should include in your best man speech.

Oh! And before you let the anxiety about public speaking set in, experts say it’s best to keep your best man’s speech to under 5 minutes. So, it’s really not that bad after all.

Your Best Man Speech Should Cover

  • Share how you know the groom.
  • Why they chose you as the best man (great opportunity to throw in some funnies)
  • Describe the bride and groom
  • Describe the groom before he met the bride. And how he has changed
  • Quick story of how they met and how he shared his feelings for her with you
  • If you are married, you can share advice you have received or things you have learned

Inspiring Best Man Speech Examples

A Best Man Speech To The Ultimate Single Inspiring Couple

First up, we have an example of a pretty simple, straight-to-the-point best man speech. It’s light in tone, offers excellent praise for both the bride and groom, and has a great closing.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is _____ (your name), and I have the honor of being ____’s (groom’s name) best man. I have known him since we were kids, and I have seen him grow into the amazing person he is today. Looking at him getting married today seems surreal because it feels like yesterday when we were kids, doing the most embarrassing things possible; don’t worry, I will not tell anyone about it. ? 

We all know the accomplishments of (groom’s name) but what you guys don’t know is that he is an invaluable friend. He is the kind of person who asks you how your day was and would be a great listener. He is someone you can lean on, who answers the phone when you’re having one of the lowest moments of your life or pick you up at 3 in the morning to drive you back home safely without any questions. Thank you (groom’s name) for being the best friend I could ask for. And I believe that you will excel at your role as a husband as well. 

(Bride’s name), I must say you look beautiful today. Over the time of our friendship, I have never seen (groom’s name) so happy.  You make him a better version of himself, and it is because of you, we always see him with a goofy smile on his face. In marrying this joker, you are getting a kind and passionate, considerate, and fun-loving husband. He is a great friend, and I can’t even imagine how great of a husband he will be. 

Thank you for being the most fantastic couple and being the ultimate inspiration for all of us singles out here! I wish you both prosperity in the years to come. 

Let’s toast to this beautiful couple!”

Groom kicking up shoes with arms around groomsmen celebrating wedding day
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The Absolute Best Man Speech

Wow! This is the best, best man speech we have ever seen and delivered by the bride’s brother, that also just happens to be the groom’s best friend. It is filled with laughter, praise, memories, and heartfelt sentiments. From beginning to end, it is the BEST! Oh, and if you think you need some tips on “how to deliver a great best man speech,” watch this and takes notes. He is a great public speaker.

Heartfelt Best Man Speech With A Touch Of Humor

“Hello everyone! May I have your attention, please! 

As many of you already know me, and those who don’t, I am ___ (your name), the groom’s best friend. Before I begin, here’s a heads up, I asked (groom’s name) before writing this speech if there was anything that I shouldn’t say, and he said no. So if I spill the beans today, it is all his fault. 

(Bride’s name) you look radiant today, the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen, so sad that you have to spend all your life with this guy, after all, I am the best man here today, right? I can’t even imagine the embarrassing moments he will bring into your life. 

Alright, alright, before (groom’s name) kills me, I should stop goofing around! In all seriousness, (bride’s name) by marrying (groom’s name), you are getting a husband who is kind and compassionate, who will not only be a great husband but a best friend who will be there for you at each step of the way. In you, he has found the love of his life, which shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone because you are the most tender-hearted woman I have ever seen. And I know that you will make the best wife for (groom’s name). I can see in (groom’s name)’s eyes how much he loves you, the kind of love that keeps growing every single day. 

(groom’s name) you have always pushed me to be the better person, and seeing you today becoming the man you are and starting a family with this lovely lady is so inspiring to me. In (bride’s name), you have found your ideal match, but I must admit she might be a bit more fun and sensible than you are! Well, jokes apart! I wish you both the best in your new life together.

Let us all raise our glasses to the new Mr. and Mrs. (both of their names) and wish them a long and beautiful married life!”

Killer Best Man Speech Filled With Humor & The Best Toast Ever!!

Wow! This speech is a great one! The groom’s younger brother is the best man, and he delivers a funny speech full of heartfelt feelings and one of the best wedding toasts we’ve ever heard. Watch until the end.

Best Man Is Superman & Groom Is His Kryptonite

“Of course, my name is Joe, and I’d like to thank Ben for finally confirming that I am indeed his best man, after 19 years of best-friendship.

Best friends for 19 years. Just think about what was happening 19 years ago. Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. Furbabies were the craze of a nation. Brad Pitt was named the sexiest man alive. 

On behalf of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, I would like to thank Ben and Shannon for including us on their unforgettable day. What a fantastic day it has been so far, and so much of Shannon’s hard work and preparation has gone into it. Ben, you just sit there and enjoy yourself.

Speaking of the bridesmaids, aren’t they looking fantastic? Thank you, girls, for making sure that Shannon looks as beautiful as ever and that she made it here on time. For anyone who knows Shannon, that is an achievement in itself.

A bit about Ben and I, we first met in elementary school and I’m not sure why we initially became friends as he doesn’t really like sport whereas I could watch a ping-pong match on TV. After that, it was probably Pokémon cards, and he had a Charizard I wanted, but over the years, the more I’ve got to know him, the more I’ve realized how much of a businessman he is. I’m expecting an invoice for the food we’ve enjoyed today.

After we moved from elementary school, we got split up and didn’t really speak before finding each other again in college – how romantic! It was here that we’d master the art of plagiarism. Well, at least I would. Ben got caught copying a classmate’s work. What let him down, you ask? He didn’t even change the name on the footer.

Another one of my favorite memories during college was in 2009. We had a riding lawnmower, rope, and horse feed bags to play with. I ended up dressing Ben up in horse feed bags and pulling him around the field for 20 mins, like a budget version of Jackass.

As life progressed, Ben left college to start work, and I stayed on, so again we lost contact through no fault on either part until a few years later where we reconciled and have remained as close as we’ve ever been since. It sounds like a story about how a stray dog kept finding his way home, doesn’t it?

In all honesty, if I’m Superman, Ben is my kryptonite. I’ve got a lot to thank Ben for, mainly for his help building my confidence with other people, specifically women. I know this is something he likes to brag about, but it’s true. As kids who were both a little on the chubby side of life, Ben gave the best piece of advice on girls that anyone has ever given me. “It’s ok to be fat; you’ve just got to be fat and funny. The more they’re laughing, the less time they have their eyes open”. I’ll take this piece of advice to my grave.

Ben. – *face Ben* – I would like to think that in the times when you have called upon me for help, I have always been there for you and not let you down because you have always been there for me. I look back at some of the stuff we have done together, and it makes me proud to have a mate like you. We have had some truly great times and have shared some great experiences together, memories I will never forget. I have been honored to have been your best man and want you to know that I look up to you more than you could imagine. Just remember, love is like a circle; it goes on forever. It’s not like a triangle; triangles have corners. It’s like a circle.

Ladies and gentlemen, it truly has been an honor delivering this speech to you, so please, join me in raising your glasses to the happy couple!”


A Truly Inspirational Best Man Speech, Oh! And it Doesn’t Hurt Shawn Johnson’s The Bride.

Brother of the groom and best man shares many stories of growing up, emergency room visits, and other memories that brothers experience together. But then he shares how much he is proud of the groom and how much he inspires him in life. A great example of a best man speech with few nerves, even though the bride is a celebrity (Shawn Johnson, the Olympic Gymnast).

A Humble Best Man Speech With Witt & Style

When you’re a witty yet humble guy, it can be hard to put together a best man speech that is sentimental and humble but still includes a little humor. This is an excellent example of all those things combined.

“Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and single ladies. In case you are wondering, I am indeed the footloose and fiancé-free Best Man. Paul, I’m glad to have you ruled out as competition finally. In fact, my feelings are shared in the lyrics of the famous Queen song ‘Another One Bites the Dust.’ But, honestly. I couldn’t be more proud to stand here today with my best friend watching him become a husband and family man. Man, am I honored. 

Paul and I have done many things together during our almost life-long friendship. Over the years, we’ve built go-carts together, rode our bikes together, played football together, bunked school together, tried to chat up girls together – note the word “tried” there – fixed up cars together, occasionally got drunk together, and now we are sharing a top table together.

And like all friends, we’ve certainly had our downs as well as our ups. I remember back to times when a petty argument would arise from nowhere. Then Paul would call me smelly, and I’d call him ‘big ears.’ And then it would spiral out of all proportion, and we’d each end up running home in tears. But sure enough, the next day, Paul would drop me an email from work, and we’d make up. As good mates do, however old.

But it was particularly in our teenage years that these little spats became quite frequent and would often arise over a young lady. They’d generally be of the ‘I saw her first, ‘no, I did’ variety. I’d like to say we worked these disputes out equitably, but Paul was the smooth-talking, early-developer of the two of us, and he genuinely believed he could have any girl he pleased. Unfortunately for him, though, he never managed to please any.

Until that is, he met his lovely bride. Since then, I’ve never known him to be happier. And, considering he’s now spending less time hanging out at bars and less time on the golf course, it’s certainly a testament to the way he feels about Linda.

Now, as Paul’s chief golf partner and drinking buddy, it’s not that great for me. But I’m man enough to stand here today and tell you that I don’t resent it. And how could I when I see how very happy they are together?

And I, as much as all of you, want that happiness for myself. But, uh, sorry, I mean, I want their happiness to last forever. And I do.

Ladies and gentlemen, on a final and serious note, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to my very best friend and his beautiful new wife. To Paul and Linda.”


Best Man Embarrasses Bride In A Friendly Roast

This is how you write, deliver and kill a best man speech in under 5 minutes. The best man and groomsmen had a completely unique idea for a wedding speech, and it is GREAT! This is a must-watch and recreate if you want a funny and memorable best man speech. Oh, and 1.7 million views isn’t half bad.

Heartfelt And Personal

Every best man speech doesn’t have to include funny or embarrassing stories. In this best man speech, we love how he kept it simple and to the point.

“Good afternoon, everyone; I am Mitchell. You may not know me, but Lucas and I go way back, all the way to preschool, in fact. And I must say that we have been brothers from another mother, locked in mischief together since the very start.

But despite some of our best efforts, this beautiful day has gone off without a hitch. A special thanks to everyone who worked hard and came together to make today possible. I have a few loving words to read from well-wishers who could attend today (read off messages sent from people who could not attend).

Well, I must agree! Their kind words are absolutely right. Lucas is a heck of a guy. I guess I first realized that on the day we met. There he was, already in our Pre-K room, doing his best to fit in. 

He always was a little awkward when meeting new people, at least of the female sex. That was until he met Melanie. And thank goodness for that. Lucas, I hate to tell you this, but I have seen a few of your ex-girlfriends over the years, and I can certainly attest that the best woman won out. Or at least the most beautiful and kind, at any rate. Doesn’t Melanie look stunning today? And I must say, the bridesmaids do as well. If you are interested, I am footless & fiance-free. Ask for my number after this is over.

I would like to offer you both a tiny bit of advice today as you start this new adventure in life together. Lucas always treats Melanie like the queen and angel that she is. And Melanie always remembers that Lucas loves you and could not get through life without you. Seriously, I have seen and been with him when he’s without you. And it was a mess.

But, seriously, I wish you both a life full of love, peace, faith, and prosperity. You are both the nearest and dearest friends. Your life together is sure to be an unbelievable and fantastic new chapter that we will all be blessed to witness. So, now, please join me to give a toast to Lucas and Melanie.”

Epic Best Man Speech – Movie Trailer Idea

Another tremendous inspiring best man speech if you’re looking for something absolutely unique. The best man acts like he forgot his speech and has to “run out” to get it. This turns into the funniest and most creative best man speech ever. This is how you go viral with a wedding speech. To date, they have over 13 Million views on YouTube!! Incredible.

Short & Sweet Best Man Speech

Sure! It’s perfectly fine to keep your best man’s speech short & sweet. Here is an example of how to do it.

“Ladies and gentlemen. I met Jose a long time ago. We have been friends for over 15 years. In that time, he has proven himself to be an incredible friend and a truly good & honest man. I value my friendship with Jose and am honored to be here as his best man today. I am also looking forward to building the same great friendship with his beautiful new bride Beckie.

I know one important thing about Beckie. She has made Jose happier than I have ever seen him. So today is a day filled with joy and happiness. But it is not just “A” day… it’s the beginning of a new journey, painting their love story on a canvas of life for us all to watch. So on behalf of everyone here, thank you both for allowing us to be part of your story. I wish you both health and happiness, and may God bless your marriage.”

11 Year Old Best Man Kills His Best Man Speech

Ever thought about asking a child to be your best man? It probably doesn’t happen too often, but this 11-year-old boy absolutely delivers a hilarious speech. And with no notes and in just two minutes!! Watch it now. Who would’ve thought a young boy could be so poised and witty delivering a speech at age 11?

We hope that you enjoyed these best man speech examples. However, if you need more tips and advice on wedding speeches or wedding toast inspiration, we have you covered. Visit our Complete Guide To Wedding Speeches & Toasts. You’ll be writing an unforgettable wedding speech in no time.