groom speech examples

When you’re crafting your own groom speech for your wedding, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take inspiration from others who have gone before you.

Yes your speech should be personal. Yes it should include a lot of things about you and your new wife. Yes it should include some of the formalities – thank yous, gifts, toasts. But it doesn’t have to be a long-winded list of thanks and contain nothing that would entertain the guests.

There’s no set length you should speak for, there’s no set groom speech structure either although groom speech templates are available to use as the basis for producing your own pre-prepared words.

But what is important is you check out what others have done before you including some brilliant groom speech jokes. Watch videos of how others have given their groom speech and take inspiration. Incorporate the best from several speeches and make yours the new “best ever groom speech” floating around on the internet. Of course, if that is not your thing, it doesn’t need to be uploaded for others to see.

A good example of a groom speech, where the speech cleverly moves from humour to serious throughout. Get the mixture right and you’ll have a killer speech. Get off to a good start as this groom does and the rest will be easy!

Don’t be afraid to tell a couple of jokes about your relationship with the best man – even though he is coming up next with a speech in which you will be the number one target. Although the notion of “what goes on tour, stays on tour” should still apply, this groom tells a story of what went on at the stag do – without getting to into the shenanigans of a drink-fuelled weekend. Take the mickey of your mates adds to the speech. And don’t worry if things don’t go to plan of if things aren’t ready when they should be, just make a joke or two in the process.

Jokes in your groom speech don’t have to be just about delivering one-liners and gags about your relationships. Use music, videos, audio clips or props to add a little humour into your speech. It will help get the guests involved and add to the funniness of the day. See how audio jokes were used in this groom speech – even if it was a set up!

Now this won’t be for everyone, but if you are feeling really adventurous, you could perform your entire groom speech as a rap, song or even a poem. There are an awful lot of ways in which you can make your speech memorable and unique but this is certainly one of the best I seen. It takes some doing, a lot of time practicing but if you are good at end, what an exceptional way of delivering your groom speech. It certainly must have been months in the planning, but the rap actually contains everything a speech template might expect – just delivered in song!

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