Q: “What’s the Best Way to Handle a Distasteful Best Man’s Speech?”

Distasteful is a nice way of saying “awful” or “drunken” speech.  If your best man has stood up and offended everyone from your grandma to your sister’s kids, then there may need to be some damage control.  Speeches from the groom are becoming more and more popular and there is nothing like mending fences like bringing everything full circle.  If your best man says something like, “I remember the first time Brad and Amy fornicated,” you could bring up in your speech how “the embellishment of imagination is something that has made him so special to you all these years.”  If he offends the kids by using foul language, you can use a humorous anecdote explaining to the children all of the short comings of your friend and how the kids should not act in that manner or they’ll end up just as he did.  Either way, you give your friends alcohol and a microphone and you should be prepared for a little damage control.  Take the boy scout’s motto and always be prepared.