10 Tips for Your Wedding Toast.

wedding toast tips

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Before making it to center stage at your loved one’s wedding, consider this toasting etiquette to come off polished and pleasing to your bride and groom.

  1. Be Prepared.Decide who is toasting, in which order, and what you will say well in advance of the wedding.
  2. Be Sincere.Use your own words and speak from the heart. This will be easier for you to remember and mean more to the couple than a toast borrowed from a book.
  3. Be Brief. Keep the toast within a two to three minutes time frame. (Hey, com’on, anyone can memorize a two minute toast.)
  4. Be Tactful. Refrain from embarrassing the couple on their special day. The groom’s broken heart from an old girlfriend, the bride’s nose job, first marriages, what happened during the bachelor/bachelorette party, all should be left out of the toasts.
  5. Be Complimentary. After all, the whole purpose of a toast is to say something nice about the people being honored.
  6. Be Practiced. Practice the toast, in front of a mirror, without your notes. (Remember that if you are holding a glass in one hand and the microphone in the other, you would need a third arm to read from your notes!!)
  7. Be Clear-headed. Nerves and memory are not aided by alcohol. Avoid the spirits until after you have successfully delivered your toast.
  8. Be Mannerly. Sip your champagne. Wedding toasts are not a chug-a-lug contest. Your glass should not need to be refilled after each toast. Also, clinking should be done with care. Unlike beer mugs, crystal is quite delicate.
  9. Be Connected. Look at the couple and the guests while speaking slowly and clearly.
  10. Be Charming. Remember to raise your glass during the toast and sip from your glass at the end of the toast.
wedding toast

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MORE: See our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Speeches for everything you need to know about giving a wedding speech or toast.

Jodi R. R. Smith, owner of Mannersmith, is an etiquette consultant answering wedding etiquette questions for our sister site Pop the Questions.

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  1. Somerset wedding gal

    Be clear-headed <—- this! My brother-in-law's toast at my wedding was a crazy, drunken, sobbed out and strained speech that took twice as long as it should have done and was pretty stupid too!

  2. Top Wedding Sites

    How sad. Did anyone notice or comment about his toast? Was it embarrassing?

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