The 5Ws (and H) of Wedding Thank-You Notes

Your wedding was a day you’ll never forget, but you’d like to forget writing your wedding thank-you notes. The wedding stress should be over now, right? It can be if you follow the simple wedding thank-you note guidelines below:


If someone has given you a gift, a thank-you note is required. This includes engagement, bridal shower and wedding gifts. Additionally, thank-you notes should be sent to anyone who has contributed to your wedding celebration like the host/hostess of your bridal shower, your parents, exceptional wedding planners or vendors, etc. Keep a running list of guests and suppliers (including addresses), so when it’s time to write your thank-you notes, you have their information handy.


Writing numerous thank-you notes can be overwhelming. Many couples don’t know what to say without sounding repetitive, and they don’t want friends and family members to receive the same thank-you note. Personalize the note by referencing the gift received and what it will be used for (e.g. entertaining in your new home) or what it will remind you of when used (e.g. their kindness, the family trip to Europe). If the gift giver attended your wedding/shower/engagement party, include how lovely it was to have them at this celebration or other specific moments you shared during the festivities. If a gift was given, and the gift giver didn’t attend any wedding celebrations, mention how their presence was missed.


While it has been said you have one year to send wedding thank-you notes, thank-you notes should be written as soon as you receive the gift. It can be difficult to adhere to this timeframe amid other wedding planning responsibilities, so try to write even one thank-you note per day to avoid them piling up after the wedding.


Choose a designated area to write your thank-you notes where you are comfortable, relaxed and not distracted. Set up your writing area away from the kitchen or other locations where thank-you notes may get dirty, and turn off the television. Play music in the background instead of watching television because you could lose your place if you’re focused on a TV show. Gather your favorite pens, preferably in blue or black ink, and stationery, and you’re on your way.


Some people may think sending thank-you notes is old-fashioned, but showing gratitude is never out of style. It’s important to show your appreciation for the gift given (Don’t ever mention you didn’t like the gift or will be returning an item.) and to confirm that the gift was received.


Thank-you notes should be handwritten on stationery and sent through the mail. Do not send thank-you emails, texts, thank-you posts on Twitter or Facebook or cards that you simply sign. Even if you’re behind on sending your thank-you notes, don’t extend a generic or online thank you in the same manner you arrange dinner plans.

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