Save Money & Look Fabulous: 5 Budget Hacks for Your Wedding

wedding saving tips

Are you looking for some wiggle room in your bank account? Are you scared to overspend in an area that doesn’t actually need the extra dollar signs? You can still have a fabulous, memorable big day without overdoing the bottom line.

From the dress to the actual date you book, here are 5 budget hacks for your wedding. Grab some paper and jot down your notes. You can save big in big – and small – ways without nixing style, comfort, or quality.

5 Budget Hacks for Your Wedding

Choose A Non-Traditional Day

Saturday weddings are what we’re all used to. But, that doesn’t mean we have to plan a celebration on a Saturday date. Instead, go with a Friday or Sunday. You’ll find better deals on non-traditional days and even find full packages on event venues that will give you freebies or deals for booking those end caps on the weekend.

Combine The Ceremony And Reception

Don’t have your guests drive to and fro to different spots. Instead, combine the location and have your ceremony and reception and at the venue. You’ll slash the costs on multiple venue rental and transportation this way – let alone logistically cutting out headaches too.

Go Wholesale With Flowers

Purchasing your flowers wholesale may save you some big bucks. If you plan on designing your own bouquet and centerpieces, this is a way to really create some extra room in your budget for other parts of the big day. Check out online retailers and see what floral choices are in season for your big day.

Check Social Media

Yes, check your social media to receive discounts. Specifically, look up all of your vendors online and all of their platforms to scour for coupons, packages, and extra deals. You’ll be surprised how many fun finds you’ll stumble upon! Also, you can follow them to get immediate updates on your live feed for when the newest promotions are released.

Buy A Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Cut the budget a bit more by considering going for a pre-owned gown or even one that comes right off the floor of a boutique. A lot of times, bridal stores will have sample sales – where they sell the gowns right off the floor for designs that have been discontinuing or they’re phasing out of the store – for a fraction of the original cost!