Why Should You Get Married in Bali?

Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding day which they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Every wedding is an extremely important event as it symbolizes the strong connection and true love between two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together and start a new exciting chapter of their story together as a married couple. Choosing the best wedding destination has a huge importance in order for the wedding to be unforgettable. Which is why you should definitely consider Bali when looking for the best destination for your wedding.

Wedding business in Bali is rapidly developing as the trend of getting married in this exotic destination is becoming more and more popular among young couples who are at the beginning of their chapter together. Apart from the fact that the spectacular destination has numerous breathtaking sites and island elements to offer for the wedding ceremony to be an unforgettable one, there are also numerous other reasons why more and more couples decide to unite their destinies and vow for eternal love there.  Here are the reasons why Bali is listed as a popular wedding destination and why you should also consider choosing it as your wedding destination.

Numerous vendors to help you plan your perfect wedding

Weddings are extremely fun and exciting events not only for the couple which is uniting their destinies together but also for the guests who celebrate their love together with them. However, despite the fact that a wedding seems like a perfect day for everyone attending it, planning a wedding can be a real challenge especially if you consider getting married in a foreign country in a destination which you are not familiar with. However, as mentioned before, wedding business is rapidly developing in Bali as the trend of couples getting married there is rising, so, there are numerous sources and vendors which can help you plan your perfect wedding day. Tons of resources, vendors and businesses all surrounding weddings in Bali will help you plan your wedding without you having to stress too much about the fact that you are not familiar with the destination. There are numerous agencies which work with international clients for a long time to help them plan a fully customized and romantic wedding in Bali ensuring that all the needs of the future-married couple and their guests are met at all times.

It is cheaper than you think

Even if Bali is an exotic luxurious destination and you might think that everything would cost you a fortune to organize your wedding there, in fact, it can cost you a lot less than you would think. Bali has everything to offer for all its visitors suitable for their needs and expectations. You can find there from five-stars luxury resorts which feel and look like Heaven, to numerous smaller, yet just as amazing and comfortable Airbnbs which are incredibly affordable. Depending on your budget, you can choose whether you and your family and friends will splurge for a luxury weekend at a five-starts resort or spend your time in Bali in a spectacular, yet extremely cheap villa. Moreover, Bali is known for its cheap, yet delicious food and cheap transportation. So, by organizing your wedding in Bali, you could actually save a lot of money and create amazing wedding memories in a spectacular exotic destination.

Merge your wedding ceremony and the honeymoon

After the tiring planning process, every couple is looking forward to their honeymoon when they can just spend time together as a newly married couple and relax. One of the best reasons why you should choose Bali as your wedding destination is the fact that you will surely wish to spend your honeymoon there too. There are numerous relaxing activities which you can do, various delicious traditional foods you can try on the beach club Bali while admiring the breathtaking view of the ocean, and numerous places which you should visit before going back home. Not only that merging the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon is a good way to save money on travel expenses, but you will also love the relaxing resorts or natural beauty where you can let go of all the stress you have been going through when planning your wedding to be perfect.   

Lovely weather

Surely, one of the top reasons why you should choose to get married in Bali is the lovely weather which you are going to find there. The tropical, warm climate all year round makes Bali the perfect destination for outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings are definitely preferable as they cost less and, if planned perfectly, can be extremely spectacular by taking place in nature. However, getting your wedding ruined due to a sudden change of weather such as rain or low temperatures is surely an unpleasant situation which every couple wishes to avoid. If you wish to have your sandy beach wedding without having to worry about the weather ruining your perfect day, Bali is the best choice you can make.

Breathtaking sites

If you are looking for wedding ideas truly unique and incredible, Bali has so much to offer to you to plan a stunning wedding like no other before. Whether you wish to say “I do” on a sandy beach, in the lush jungle, or atop a dramatic cliff as the waves are crashing in the distance, in Bali you can find all those insanely scenic sites. So, if you do not wish to have your wedding ceremony in a luxurious resort, there are numerous places in the so-called “Island of Gods” with incredible natural beauty and geographical wonders. From the numerous spectacular waterfalls in Bali, high cliffs with captivating beaches at their foothill, to the breathtaking splendor of the jungle, in Bali you can have the most unique wedding ceremony location. Not to mention, that the sunsets in Bali are the best in the world and the epic sunset on the beach will create the perfect wedding pictures as the sun is slowly melting in the ocean.