Q: What Should A Bride And Groom Never Do At Their Wedding?

In terms of things you should never do at your wedding, the first thing is to not follow tradition if you don’t want to. Your wedding is a unique expression of your love, so feel free to make it as unusual or not as you wish. The next thing is to provide an open bar. If you make your guests pay for their drinks after they’ve bought you engagement and wedding gifts AND traveled to see you get hitched…well, how would you feel? If you don’t have a huge budget, wine and beer will do. You can also encourage guests to bring liquor–it’s still cheaper than buying drinks. Other no-nos include forcing your bridal party to wear dresses they feel uncomfortable in. Yes, it’s your wedding, but why subject your best friends and family to feeling embarrassed or annoyed all day long? It will only put a damper on the festivities.

Keep these tips in mind…and remember to have a ton of fun! You’re celebrating your love, after all!