Fairytale wedding gifts

In order to be a part of the fairytale wedding theme the wedding that you choose to offer should definitely be a part of the same story. Take into account using refined gifts, authentic and that inspire quality in the same time and that find their place better in such a landscape and background. Here is what we find to be indicated for such imagery and the most adequate gifts in this case we find the porcelain, objects made of silver and crystal and here are some pieces of advice concerning this choice.

In our days fake things are considered to be numerous than the authentic pieces of art that’s why we propose you to examine as much as possible a piece. The brand can be really easy to be imitated, so establishing the authenticity of a piece isn’t sufficient and this means that you have to examine it with extra attention.
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So, first of all you have to take into account if the porcelain is made of paste, so this means that you have to study the piece attentively at the light. Also, you’re going to be able to see id the composition is or not luscious or white or is great after the homogenization of the material. This doesn’t have to represent a stain or a big quantity of mixing in a certain position. Another aspect that you have to take into account is the technique of fabricating the porcelain and this makes the piece to be resistant and easy and on top of all you have to observe a mark of that particular brand.

The first porcelain vases and containers date from Chine around the year 618. You can say that the porcelain has spread and perfected in the measure in which the custom of being tea and the traditions linked to it have become really popular throughout the time. So, you don’t have to disregard a vase of such genre, made in China, because the Chinese are the first ones that have produced it and their technique is between the older.

These are well known for their mastery and the models and colors of the tea sets are porcelains from Sevres. Like fakes have appeared throughout the time, the main criteria are these ones: the engraving of the brand has never been made in the interior of the cork, the two “L” can be observed only on the mild paste adorned, every piece has to correspond with the époque indicated, and the name of castles written on the pieces represented borrowed services.

As you can observe there’s an entire story when it comes to porcelain vases and containers and we’re sure that you considered all the pieces of information exposed here as being really interesting!