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10 Trendy Hairstyles for Grooms

Planning a wedding and executing on your plans is a journey. From choosing an engagement ring, to proposing, to figuring out a guest list and sourcing an appropriate venue, the list goes on.

Preparing for the big day is just as important for the groom as it is for the bride. You’ve gone out with the boys to find the perfect tux and shoes to match. But something’s still missing…the hair, of course!

Putting some time into choosing an appropriate hairstyle that reflects your personality is a must. You’ve put all this effort into planning your wedding so don’t forget to give yourself some love as well.

Looking for groom hairstyle inspiration? We’ve got you covered with 10 hairstyles that are trendy and popular.

Short / Medium Length

Classic Side Parted

Classic Side Parted haircut

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The side part is a timeless hairstyle that has been popular for decades. Why? Because it works for a variety of face shapes, oval or round, or even with short to medium length hair.

The hair is typically longer on one side and combed over to create a polished and sophisticated look, with a wax or gel to help hold it in place. This traditional look has been a go-to for many grooms and it’s a style that never goes out of fashion.

Medium Wavy Front

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If you’ve got longer hair with a nice texture, then the medium wavy front is the perfect look for you. Wavy locks give a relaxed style that brings a natural look to help complete the appearance. If you’re going to be moving around a lot, consider using some product to help keep your locks in place.

Slicked Back

slicked back haircut

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A slicked-back hairdo is exactly what it sounds like. It’s swept back from the face and held in place with hairstyling products. This style is trendy because it combines an effortlessly casual look that is also sophisticated. 

This hairstyle is typically reserved for those with medium to longer hair as short hair will not have enough weight to hold it down. It can be adapted to suit those with wavy/curly hair but also those with straighter hair (think David Beckham).

Bald Head and Beard

bald head and beard groom

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So you’ve inherited male pattern baldness and think you drew the short end of the stick? Think again. Despite the follicular deficiency, you’ll still be able to pull off a stylish look especially if you can grow a slick beard. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the completely clean-shaven look which is what popular celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Jason Statham rock on a daily basis.

Regardless if it’s for a wedding or for life in general, if you’re keen to find a solution to fight the battle, a hair transplant procedure may be the answer for that full head of hair you’ve always wanted.

Buzz Cut

buzzcut hair style

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Buzz cuts aren’t reserved for military men. They’re a perfect choice for grooms who are looking for a predictable and low-maintenance hairstyle on their wedding day. 

Getting hitched at a destination that has tropical weather? The last thing on your mind is wanting to figure out how to keep your hair nice and tidy. The buzz cut will keep you cool and takes next to nothing to keep tidy. 

If practicality is your middle name, this is right up your alley.


fade hairstyle

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The fade is a popular hairstyle that can be incorporated into a variety of other cuts. Generally, it involves cutting the hair short on the sides and the back while gradually blending the length into longer hair up top. As a result, it seamlessly transitions from shorter to longer hair hence the faded effect. 

It’s a style that is versatile for different occasions and manages to be both contemporary and classy at the same time.


undercut hairstyle

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You’ve got long hair, but not quite long enough for it to be a ponytail or man bun. The undercut is a style that involves cutting the hair short on the side and leaving a longer length on top. It’s the modern manifestation of a pomp and a quiff where the shaved sides naturally draw your attention to the voluminous locks up top and creating a sharp contrast.

Long Length

Low Ponytail

chris hemsworth with low ponytail


Moving into options for those with longer hair that they’ve grown out over the years and don’t want to maintain for their special wedding day, the ponytail is a viable option so you can have your cake and eat it too.

We’re not talking Woodstock 1969, just to be clear. 

Instead, we’re talking about tidying it up and wearing the ponytail closer to the nape of your neck. It’s a cross between a man bun and a full-on ponytail. Combine this with carefully groomed facial hair for your big day, and you’re sure to look like a winner.

Man Bun

groom with man bun

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Man buns get a lock of flack as the stereotypical hipster hairstyle, but we think it has a lot of potential. 

Just as its namesake suggests, a man bun is achieved with usually-shoulder length hair that is pulled back into a ponytail and twisted up towards the crown of the head and set in place with a hair tie or elastic.

The man bun can be styled from loose and messy, to tight and polished. For your wedding day, we’d definitely recommend going with a more polished look.

Shoulder Length Hair

man with shoulder length wavy hair

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Not feeling the low ponytail or a man bun? You can also opt to simply wear your long hair as it exists. You might want to consider trimming it up if it’s extremely long. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a modern look and it pairs best with oval and longer faces.

It’s a layered wavy hairstyle makes this a very trendy and handsome option.