10 Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles

Finally, a braided crown is one of the most bohemian looks on the list and one you'll want to play around a bit with.

10 Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles

10 Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles

Ethereal with a bit of whimsy, bohemian brides are throwing the most romantic and stunning of weddings. From lush flowers to flowing fabrics, there’s something to storybook-like in quality about this style genre. And we’re loving every bit of it. The soft dresses, the free tresses and the organic, natural beauty of the entire day, it’s a sight to see.

Today we’re showing off some beautiful, bohemian wedding hairstyles that will get your wheels turning and help you finish off your bridal style for your own big day. Long, wavy tresses or your brunette curls topped off with a flower crown, you can find some of our favorite looks below!

What is a Bohemian Hairstyle?

Unconventional social habits like that of an artist or writer; the definition of a bohemian. So, when we describe a style as such like fashion, beauty or even in interior design we immediately begin thinking about something a bit tousled or unpolished. Mismatched, loose and romantic, these are all words that accompany the boho vibe.

When it comes to hairstyles, it’s just that as well. Tousled, unpolished, wavy and delicate, there’s nothing harsh or too “perfect” about a bohemian hairstyle. Soft curls, beach waves and unfinished buns and braids all fit the bill.

10 Gorgeous Examples

Remember that your wedding day if all about what’s in your realm of comfort. Don’t stray too far from your norm and embrace your personal style. If you’re more of a boho gal, steer clear from the prim and proper hairdos and go with something more organic!