How Much Money Should Bridesmaids Spend? A Few FAQs


Let’s face it: being a bridesmaid isn’t exactly cheap. How much bridesmaids spend depends on the bride and the cost of her wedding, with some going the crazy-extravagant route and others taking pains to make their nuptials as budget-friendly as possible. With that in mind let’s look at a few frequently-asked questions to give you an idea of what you should absolutely pay for as a bridesmaid and what you can skip.

Do I Pay For My Dress?

Yes. Bridesmaids are generally expected to pay for their dresses, shoes, and jewelry. Some brides let their ‘maids choose their own gowns so long as they’re a specific color or style, while others are dead-set on certain dresses. If the dress in question is way out of your price range, politely voice your issue to the bride. Hopefully she will come up with a viable solution!

Do I Contribute To The Bridal Shower?

The Maid of Honor is usually the one taking care of the bill, or any other person who hosts the occasion. The bridesmaids contribute to said bill, but that’s it. Asking the guests for contributions is not exactly etiquette-friendly.

What About The Bachelorette Party?

Everyone attending the bachelorette party contributes to the cost of dinner, drinks, dancing, strippers (haha), etc. This is true whether they are in the bridal party or not.

Am I Paying For My Hair And Makeup?

The bride paying for her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup is a nice gesture, especially if you’re traveling to be in the wedding. If you have to pay for travel and your hair and makeup…well, that’s not great. Bring the issue up in a tactful way to the bride, such as starting with “Should I do my hair and makeup myself?”

Keep in mind you also (usually) have to pay for your hotel and transportation!