Greasy hair remedies

A healthy hair can say many things about your state of health, and a hair that doesn’t look that great can be a signal of alarm and this means you have to offer extra time for your hair care. Don’t forget that in your wedding day you have to give your best and this means taking care of your body from head to toes.

If your hair gets greasy soon after washing it and it takes the shape of your head it’s a sign that your sebaceous glands of the skull produce sebum. Greasy hair is caused by a problem at the level of the glands and it’s a relatively difficult situations.

The natural fat substance, the sebum makes sure that your hair is protected against pollution. This change in balance makes a woman in four have the following characteristics: extreme shine in the hair and really greasy hair even the next day you wash it.
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Greasy hair can have several causes, from internal problems, like testosterone excess to problems of the endocrines, up to inadequate way of eating as well as a poor way of taking care of the hair.

In this case, the hair should be washed often times, maybe daily, and if you use aggressive shampoo it’s going to get greasy faster. It’s then created a real vicious circle.

This is why it’s well to use shampoo with a neuter PH, which regulates the sebum secretion. You need the piece of advice of a professional that helps you choose the appropriate shampoo for you, due to the fact that every hair type needs a certain treatment.

For starters, make sure you pay attention to what you’re eating! Pay attention and have a healthy alimentation! Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and products made of integral flower and avoid the aliments that are made industrially as well as fat food.

Also, avoid stress, nerves and make sure there’s balance in your alimentation, which is too rich in fats, intense fatigue.

How can we look fine and spend as less money as possible? The situation is simple: with many natural products. You can try at home a series of masks that are based on natural products in order to solve the problem.

Hair masks have at their basis natural products, like honey, which hydrate your hair conferring it the shine and vigor you need. Here are some simpler or complicated masks, which can be used for having a healthy hair.

A really efficient mask is that made of two teaspoons of honey, mixed with one yolk. These are mixed well and applied on the freshly washed hair, over its roots leaving it there for almost 15 minutes, after which you wash it.

Also, you can try different combinations of honey – honey with cream or honey with lemon. All these ingredients have as effect moisturizing and offering a healthy aspect to the hair.