Trendy hairdos

This year`s hairdos are inspired by the always on the move lady in the 70s. In fact as you look at the hair styles you see this thing: a nice hairdo looks great, not to elaborated, but you know it couldn`t be made only by two moves!


Those “naughty” loops are very in trend, these have at the basis, the Indian woman whi always has a loop on your hair! You should take the threads of hair and place them in a nice loop on the top of your hair, leave some threads in the front side of the head and also here and there, to give the impression of unarranged! The idea is to take some hairpins and do it in every spot you want!

Another idea is to leave your hair really fine, with hair parting in middle of the head and a nice loop in the back, made without thinking too much! You must leave some threads, inspiring a really fuzzy image! You can have a loop without hair partings and you can easily place a fabric made tiara at the basis of the loop and you`ll obtain a really nice aspect! Another hairdo regards a nice pony tail placed in the back of the head and really straight hair in the rest….

Other trends in this period are really intensified hair colors! Colors like firy red or marine black are very in trend and together with these, you can adopt several hairdos! For instance, the first example is the well known bob with symmetrical cuts and a great finesse!

Non-elaborated curls left just the way they are, look really sexy on a woman! It gives her a sexy touch and also really in power of her rights and thoughts!

Extra volume curls, like afro style are also really in trend! So if you have such texture of hair, be happy to leave it the way it is, maybe you can apply hair partings in the middle of the head! Volume, sexiness and self confidence, these describe perfectly this hairdo!

You can apply also for long hair wirh voluptuous aspect, semi-curls and a flowing aspect! This kind of aspect denotes sexuality and a powerful woman in the same time.

As you can see, it`s very important what type of hairdo you adopt and this warm season has numerous trends, which help you decide on what to adopt! You can apply for a messy loop, a nice bob or hair left just the way it is! The colors are also important, so if you change the color of your hair make sure that you give also an aggressive touch to it! Make your hair look shiny, hydrate it and highlight the beauty of your hairstyle or hairdo!