Pin ups as hairdos

We`ve been talking and talking about what`s in trend and what is not and as lovers of fashion and beauty we must continue doing that! There are new touches here and ther, every month, but the tendencies remain the same! Each season is characterized by something! We`ve been seeing what`s IN this season in clothes, make-up, hair cuts and so on….

We`ll continue a little bit with the hair area and speak about nice hairdos that can be made with some moves and express the nature of the modern human that looks so great, does so many things to look in that way, but those that see her don`t realize! She is behind a curtain and she looks damn good and she feels good! Leaving behind this small prologue, let`s cut to the chase and see some nice hairdos, hair colors and attitudes…..

If you`re a happy possessor of long hair it means you can easily take a hair pin, form a pony tail! Make sure you leave the upper side of the head to look like unarranged and the rest of the pony tail should look nice and you may place it on one shoulder in order to confer yourself a rustic, yet modern look! There`s no problem if there are some locks of hair that don`t want to settle! Leave them just the way they are!

When it comes to the hair parting, the most appropriate word is “angle”, but you can have a straight line hair parting as well. This line should look like freshly brushed and you should certainly create a good looking one, like a perfectly traced line on a notebook from Maths class!

The hair color that seems to be appropriate is brown, brown in all its variations: from a light brown, to a dark one! There`s a tendency towards natural hair aspect, shiny and make sure you take good care of it, because the warm period is approaching the UVs won`t help you at all!

When you create pin ups with your hair, you need to make sure that the upper side of the hair looks puffy and the downside looks leaned and really straight! As mentioned before, you can place the pony tail on one shoulder!

This aspect is so natural and it will highlight you beauty clearly! You can clearly apply this look only when you have long hair, but if you have short hair and you don`t like it, you can always buy yourself some artificial locks of hair and apply them at a salon! Just remember, if you do this thing you have to go weekly to the salon and take care of the new placed hair locks!