Taking care of sensitive hair

Many women face this problems and it`s important that they should know how to take care of it! so, what do you do when you`ve dyed your hair too much and now you get rid of more and more hair? It`s a bad signal, but what`s more dangerous is that more and more women face this problem!

The first step is to avoid dyeing your hair as much as you can! We know, it`s a thing you should do once in a while because the roots can be seen and that`s clealry an unpleasant image! During the cold seasons you don`t need to dye your hair too much, because it doesn`t get as deteriorated as it gets in the summer time or warm seasons!

Try to wash your hair once at three days! It may sound weird for many of you, but it is a good solution in order to avoid some more loss of hair!

Buy yourself masks from the market, specially designed for your type of hair, or even you can apply for doing such a mask at home! There is a special article that is made for this matter! Read it and begin the treatment!

Let your hair breath as much as you can! How do you that? Well, don`t wear caps or hats! Not only do they make your hair look without volume, but these also put a barrier between your hair and the fresh air! Avoid also placing your hands in hair too much, this gesture makes your hair look dirty and unwashed and so, you have to wash it less than once at a period of three days!

Avoid hairstyling products as much as you can: hairspray, wax, mousse and other such products! Also, when you wash your hair, make sure you let it dry naturally and not with the help of a hair drier, it isn`t a good idea! It deteriorates severly your hair aspect!

Another thing you should avoid is to use electrical curlers or that gadgets that make your hair look straight! These damage your hair and make it lifeless! Don`t forget, you must hydrate it and make it strong!

Let`s mention also that you should apply for a short haircut in order to confer a volume aspect to your hair and implicitly to your entire look! You just can`t imagine how much hair matters in one`s physical aspect!

When you try to make a certain hairstyle, apply only for a brush and a lot of patience! Ok, you may use a little spray, but only that, because you need volume and you need it to look great! Don`t exaggerate with the hairstyling products!

The final step is to buy yourself a shampoo that makes your hair look healthier! So, buy a special product for sensitive hair threads, also with the shampoo you can buy a hair balm, it makes your hair look shinier!