Hair tips

Hair colors are really important in a woman’s life. For instance, there are a lot of ladies that wouldn’t conceive their lives without dyes in their hair. Some of them obtain marvelous effects, but others might as well quit it! We know that we’re being too harsh, but that’s just the way it is. In this topic you’re going to find out about some hints and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy these pretty much, because it’s a topic that will definitely be pleasant to read.

So, you have many solutions when it comes to hair colors and dyes. You can apply between three major categories- if it is permitted to call them in this way. There’s the variant in which you can apply for permanent tints. If the level of peroxide is higher, then it means that the effect will be quick. How do these colors function? Well, after you apply the dye it has to stay for some while in your head in order to penetrate the cortex and end up being colorful.
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There’s also the variant of semi-permanent colors. These colors contain ethanolamine and a very low level of peroxide, which means that it doesn’t penetrate that much in the hair cuticle, and so the effect won’t be that cool. You’re going to have the color in your hair for about 20 washes and let’s also mention that the color won’t be as vivid as in the beginning.

The semi-permanent vegetable colors are good variants as well and these are really healthy, because they have natural vegetable extracts and ingredients- it’s similar to henna. The color will last in your hair for about 8 shampoos. Not that great, is it?

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Now let’s see some suggestions for you if you want to change your actual hair color. So, if you want to apply for blonde, then you can talk to your stylist and actually see what tone of blond suits you the most: take into consideration the eyebrows, eye colors and the color of your skin. Just remember this thing: after you make yourself blonde, your hair needs double attention and this is quite a stressing thing for some.

Red is sexy and it will always be! Also, it highlights your personality no matter where you are in the crowd. Make sure that you dye your hair three or four times with red hair color in order to obtain the appropriate result- that is, if you’re a blonde. Take care of this color, because under the sunlight it can get pretty unpleasant looking and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Brown is a cute tone that denotes normality. It goes really great on your hair and if you take into consideration your stylist’s piece of advice you’re going to obtain the right color tone, you can be sure of that. If your hair color is dark and you want to make it darker, then this is the right combination for it.

We end with black hair color! This hair color is the easiest tone to penetrate in your hair, but the toughest to resist and to maintain. Also, if you want to get rid of it, be sure that it will take you a long time to do that!