Learn how to do a bridal loop of hair

Regardless of your lifestyle and preferences, we strongly believe that when it comes to the appropriate bridal hairstyle a loop of hair is the ideal choice for every bride. It is simple to do, elegant, glamorous and right for your stylish event. As a result, in the following lines we desire to teach you how to do this elegant hairstyle.

If you believe that braids are suitable only for teenagers or that these are hairstyles worn only during the day, I’m afraid I will have to contradict you. The best proof for our statement is the fact that stars wear these braided hairstyles for any time of day.
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The items you will need for this wonderful hairstyle are: wax of hair, hairspray, a set of clips and two hair elastics. Besides that, you should know that this hairstyle can be done whether you like to wear your hair parted in the middle or on one side.

You should begin this hairstyle by braiding your hair from your temple to your neck, left side first and then the right one. If you have problems with rebel locks of hair, you should use some hair wax on each lock of hair, before you starting to do the braids. At the base, in order not to spoil the braid, every tail must be tied using the two hair elastics. If possible it should display a colour close to the nuance of your hair.

Learn how to do a bridal loop of hairCredit
Learn how to do a bridal loop of hair

After you have finished the braid, the remaining hair will be raised and set with a few clips in a bun. There is no specific rule or method for doing this knot. If your hair is longer, then you can twist a few the locks of hair and then catch them with pins so that the remaining ends will be arranged in the desired shape.

All you will have to do next is to use some hair spray and the hairstyle is done. As you can see it is very easy to complete this task, which is why we believe you will gladly try this for your wedding ceremony. Besides of the fact that it is a beautiful hairstyle it will also be comfortable and it will allow you to dance and to party all night long. So, try this hairstyle and you will see that doing a loop of a hair is easier than you ever thought.