Hair care – effective and cheap products

Washing your hair is important when it comes to hair care. Three times per week is average when it comes to this procedure. Well, you’ll say I usually wash my hair once in two days, it’s not bad at all, but you should take into consideration the state in which you find your hair in day to day life: if its threads are really thick and you lose hair almost all the time you should reduce the times of washing. Let’s also not forget the fact that in this case it is necessary you apply for a mask and a hair treatment.

O.k so continuing our topic regarding hair care products we will reveal to you the newest things when it comes to the beauty of your hair and maybe you may take them into account. Let’s also mention that we will suggest you the cheapest products of them all in order not to affect your already damaged pocket.

The first product we want to speak about can be found in several formats, like in different bottle sizes and it’s a balancing shampoo; it has at the basis pure plants, like pure extracts from plants and it does wonders with your hair: maintains your hair colored for a long time, it cleans all hair types, your hair will look silky smooth after you use this product, it makes it look shiny and it moisturizes the scalp also; another important thing about this product is the fact that it has antibacterial qualities and it’s magnificent for those that can’t stand anymore dandruff.

You may want to use this shampoo in alternation with another product that makes your hair thicker and stronger. Use this one time and the other the next time and so on…. This is a professional product and it costs around$30, but its effectiveness can be observed in only some days after you begin using it.

This next hair care product is especially designed for those women that are fed up with products that promise their hair straight and never feel these effects. Let’s also mention that after you use this product you’ll obtain an iron aspect, meaning that your hair will become straight without even using the iron.

If we come to think of it in this way: using a shampoo and obtaining straight hair sounds really great. Just think of the damages and efforts that will be reduced and the money saved too. This shampoo is called “ironless” and we kind of understand why is it in this way! After using those so called straightening shampoos you’ll immediately use the iron. With this product it isn’t necessary at all!

Besides the fact that this shampoo is great for making your hair straight it also confers it a fresh, shiny touch and it will feel definitely smoother under your hands. Come to think of it this product is really cheap, it costs around $20 and in 20 minutes it makes you look as if you worked arranging it for an hour! Great deal, isn’t it?