Hair trends 2010

Don`t know what`s cool in 2010 in the hairstyle area? Well, it seems that in the spring-summer period the most desirable women are red haired and blond ones! The sexiest color in 2010 is certainly red!

In the spring-summer season of 2010 women will live their hair as it is, no more fancy haircuts, or straightening! Leave it the way it is! The natural aspect is fashionable, maybe with some curls and few styling products, maybe none! Your hair should look shiny and soft!

The first reason why these hairdos are in trend is the fact that they confer a younger style. And who doesn`t want to look young? If you want to arrange differently your hair in every day of the week, then you should try a pony tail, use a tiara or use some clips to take care of some threads of hair, the more negligent the more sexy and young you look!

The simplest variant to give volume to your hair is to let it loose and curl it a little bit at the endings. It`s not a problem if they don`t look alike, you must give a natural aspect. Remember?

Is your hair straight and volume less? It`s not a problem, with an adequate hairdo you can also be in trend in 2010! Use products that confer volume to your hair, and from time to time use curlers. You don`t need perfect curls, you need only volume. So, 2 hours before you go out with the girls, or at night before going to bed, use the curlers! Oh! Haven`t got the necessary time to use curlers, or you simply don`t possess such products? Well, curl the hair with a cone and after use hairspray to maintain its shape all day long!

Short hair with fringes is in trend in the year to come, and it is recommended to the stylish and active woman of our days! Be it with long or short bang, the haircut “a la garcon” is very fashionable in the season to come, and it`s in the same time very easy to be taken care of.

For those that love long hair or the elegant style, the hair-stylists prefer short or long bob. It`s a stylish haircut that advantages most of the women and you won`t be disappointed, you can be sure of that!

In the year to come as you see, you must be as natural as you can when speaking of hair. Does this natural aspect also refer to the make-up?