Taking care of your hair in cold seasons

Did you know that exposing your hair to cold weather is not a good thing at that it may degrade your hair condition? Being exposed to the cold, the hair thread changes its texture, and that means you must take care of your hair, not only of your face!

After you wash your hair you need to use a balm or a mask, according to how dehydrated your hair is. If your hair has great damages from the cold you necessarily need to use a mask! You must use the hair products accordingly to the type of hair you posses. If you don`t have enough money to buy yourself a mask from the market, you can make one!

Castor oil is good for any type of hair. And masks have the role of making the hair grow faster and to be denser.

You must wash your hair as soon as you can. Medium or long hair needs to be washed weekly, and the short one must be washed once at 4 or 5 days. Besides the masks made at home, your hair must be spoiled with fancy treatments at the cosmetics salons. This type of treatment takes about 45 minutes and it needs to be realized once in a period of 3 weeks, on the winter period.

What are those living in cold areas all the year period? Well, they should respect this type of treatment of the hair and must make sure that their hair is healthy and well protected! You mustn`t forget to apply all kinds of masks and wash it in the period mentioned above.

Also, you must wear something on your head, although it suffocates your hair threads! It`s better to avoid the cold air and the modifications of the weather; if you see it in a more positive side, you`ll see it`s healthier for your head, and you won`t get sick and other things that the cold climate brings with it…