The pedicure for the bridal day

You’re engaged now and there are just a few days remaining until the big moment and you still do not know what has remained to be made. Certainly there are many things that you can make and we’re certain you are not done with all of them.
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Here are some of the things that we are certain you didn’t take proper care: your complexion, your entire skin, the manicure, the pedicure and the cellulite areas, and let us not forget about the tan. Of course, some of you may have already arranged that everything is almost done; others have only half of what is needed to be complete as a bride.

Although you are always bragging about your free time, which is lacking more and more in the latest times, we would like to advise you to take proper care of yourself and offer yourself a special treatment because you are between the main characters in your story and this is something that pushes you to look at your best. If you take proper care of your bridal beauty in due time, in the bridal day there will be only some elements that you have to make sure they’re done.

the pedicure for the bridal dayCredit
The pedicure for the bridal day

These being said, we would like to have a little discussion about your nails, how important is pedicure for the bride and for a woman in general.

So, if you prepare yourself for a summer wedding, then you clearly have to pay extra attention to your nails, especially if you are going to wear a pair of peep toe bridal shoes, which will leave your feet at sight. This is why we recommend you to watch with attention how your nails look and learn how to take care of your nails even when you are at home, exactly as if you were in a professional salon!

Here are some indications on how you can manage your bridal beauty (because pedicure is a part of your beauty) and we’re sure you will find them useful.

The first step is to gather or the utensils you need in order to end up with the right look for your legs. So, you need: acetone, a basin filled with water in which you place your legs, special cuticle oil, a scrub, utensils for cleansing and cutting, a fine towel, cotton disks and the nail polish in whatever color you want.

We recommend you to start with cleaning the nail polish that is already on the nails with the acetone, being the most adequate for cleaning the remaining paint.

The next procedure is more refreshing, in which you relax and let your legs get mild in the basin that is filled with warm water and bubble bath. After you have passed your 10 minutes in this manner, get one by one the legs out and massage with oil for cuticles. After every treatment, place once again the legs in water.

Use a cream after this and massage your legs up to the level of the knees. If you want to spoil yourself even more, then wet a towel and get it warm in the microwave for about 15 or 20 seconds, then use it for cleansing the legs. Use after this a cell for the legs or stone for making the rough portions softer. Don’t forget about moisturizing! For a more chill impression, apply some oil made of mint in the cream that you are using. For the more rough legs try a mask, which you use for about five minutes, before following the previous step.

Use a nail cutter that is curved and disinfected, with which you cut the margins of the nails in a degree of 45 not for penetrating the skin. After finishing with cutting the nails in the right dimensions, finish everything with a fine cell. Before applying nail polish, use once again the acetone for removing the excess oil. In this manner, the nail polish will be long lasting and this is what you want after all!

Apply nail polish in thin layers, in between which you let these dry and apply another layer. For avoiding the air portions in the nail polish, hold your nail polish in a cold and dark area, it’s better this way.

So, the bridal beauty does not consist in makeup and hair, there are some other things that you have to do when it comes to looking at your best in the bridal day! Make sure you have enough free time for doing all these.