Going for the Wow Factor? You’ll Need More than a Meringue!


It is perhaps one of the most exciting moments of your life; you’ve just accepted the proposal and set a date. One of the first things you’ll be maniacally searching for is the dress. Whether you’re splashing out and going designer, buying a pre-loved gown or even making it yourself, one thing’s for sure is that the dress is the focus of your attentions. Big mistake! As central as it may be, it’s equally important to take care over the accessories that will also be on display on your big day. Walking down the aisle wearing a dress encrusted in genuine pearls and antique lace will be fabulous, provided you don’t team it with a pair of, ‘these-aren’t-quite-right-but-they’ll-do’ shoes. It’s all about the details. In fact you can often get away with a more modestly expensive dress, with the addition of exquisite accessories.


Sewing a pair of combs into something resembling your gran’s net curtain is never a good look, but with a smidgeon of imagination, your headwear can be perfection! If you’re going for a country peasant/pagan look, then opt for a simple garland of flowers, and if the dress is elegant and chic, why not go bespoke and have a milliner or jeweller design something special just for you. This is more affordable than people think, especially if you contact your local arts college to find a talented student.

bridal headwear


Don’t be tempted to blind guests with your bling! Understated is always safest, unless you’ve opted for a burlesque concept, with vintage, diva-style accessories. A subtle, yet charming set of pearl or diamond earrings (studs or short drop) can set off your dress beautifully. Team this with a stunning watch, such as those sold by Tarratt, you’re already well on the way to achieving that wow. You decide where eyes should focus. Remember that if everything is over the top, people will be concentrating on the busyness of your ensemble, rather than you, which would be a total fail.

bridal bling


There was a time when it was absolutely de rigueur for the bride’s shoes to match the dress. And when I say match, I mean identical. The shoes get sent off with a sample of the dress fabric, to be professionally dyed. Of course this is still hugely popular, but current fashion allows a lot more artistic licence these days, when it comes to bridal footwear. The court shoe is being replaced with boots of all types, including white DMs. Sensible ballet slippers are being disregarded in favour of jewel-encrusted Converse. These choices may seem off the wall but they can totally rock your look, depending on the concept you’re going for.

There are three ways to get the wow on the big day: go full-throttle for a couture wedding concept; going avant garde or themed, or getting it so wrong that guests can’t take their eyes off you for all the wrong reasons.