Q: What Are Some Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses That Make Everyone Happy?


Picking bridesmaid dresses that don’t make everyone in your bridal party cringe or weep doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve heard stories of “bridezillas” forcing their bridesmaids to wear bright-orange off-the-shoulder gowns or hideous lime green frocks that remind you of weekends in Cabo gone bad, but there’s no reason to panic. Keep the following tips in mind to make everyone, yourself included, happy.

Remember, It’s Not Just About You

Yes, it’s your Big Day. Yes, you are the bride. However, your bridal party is filled with the women who mean the most to you in the world. Do you want them to dread your wedding day because they feel so unattractive in their dresses? There will be in photos, after all! Don’t make your friends feel like overstuffed hot dogs.

Everyone Doesn’t Have To Look The Same

Many bridal designers offer bridesmaid dresses in the same fabric and color that are still different–one features a halter top, another is strapless, another comes with spaghetti straps…you get the idea. Such dresses allow your bridesmaids to choose the style they look best in so they don’t feel like the aforementioned hot dogs. You can also allow your bridesmaids to pick their own dresses so long as they feature the same color or other coordinating attributes. A color palette is yet another flattering idea, as it gives your bridal team the chance to find the hue that best suits their skin type.

Keep Price In Mind

Choosing a $500 bridesmaid dress and making your friends buy it is just mean, no matter how much spare cash they have to blow. Your wedding is an expensive occasion, especially for the bridal party. Why make them spend a ton of dough on a dress they probably won’t wear ever again?

Use the above tips–your bridesmaids will thank you!!