The symbol of the engagement ring

The engagement rings are important from the point of view of symbols and you need to know that as long as you know what tastes your future wife has, you are sure not going to fail when it comes to making the right pick.
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So, let’s add some details about the symbol and traditions of the engagement ring, shall we?

The story of the engagement ring starts way back in Old Egypt and it’s continued in our days and transmitted in time as a symbol of the love that two souls share – the souls that are going to unite their destinies for a lifetime.

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Engagement ring

The engagement ring marks the passage of a woman who receives for the status of being a wife, but in the same time it has a figurative tone, due to the fact that the engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love. This act of offering and accepting the engagement ring represents a crucial moment in the existence of a couple or in other words, of the existence of a family – because through its offering and accepting, there will be born another family.

By offering the engagement ring, the man confesses his desire of spending his entire life next to the one who he considers the chosen one, and by accepting it, his future wife chooses to put her love and life to a single man.

The custom of wearing the ring on the forth finger of the left hand is not done randomly, this finger being considered the correspondent of the heart. If the engagement ring, as a symbol, has resisted throughout passing of the time, the modality of offering it has suffered some modifications in time. if some time ago, this moment was considered as being a special significance, unfortunately in our days more and more couples tend to transform this act into a banal act of purchasing a piece of jewelry.

In this manner, the gesture of offering yourself lacks importance, the couples forget about the emotional significance of this ring and they get concentrated exclusively on the financial – commercial aspect of acquiring it. Try as much as possible that next to the budget, the criteria of selection of this ring should be equal to the feelings and involvement that you carry for each other.