Shopping for Tacori Engagement Rings at Whiteflash

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Featured in the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post and the New York Times, Whiteflash is a standout jeweler located in Houston, Texas.

Known for their specialization in ultra-modern diamonds and bridal jewelry, they’ve also been hailed as “Lord of the Online Rings” by Kiplinger’s Magazine and serves clients throughout the globe – from at home in the U.S. to Australia.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an engagement ring or upgrading to a bigger, clearer diamond, look no further than this Internet hot spot. With their international acclaim and the fact that they house some of the finest diamond jewelry, including Tacori, you’ll have the opportunity to make a selection with both confidence and excitement.

Who is Tacori?

When it comes to Tacori engagement rings, there’s truly a design to fit everyone’s unique tastes. From white to yellow gold, from round to cushion cut, from modern to vintage flair – this brand has it all.

Tacori rings are all handcrafted by artisans in California. You can not only trust the workmanship and quality, but that you’re getting a piece of art that will last a lifetime. Beginning with only a sketch and then uniquely handmade and shaped with bare hands throughout dozens of hours, Tacori jewelry easily becomes family heirlooms and cherished, tangible memories.

A Cut Above

Whiteflash is also a home to A Cut Above diamonds; which are internationally recognized as the “Super Ideal.”

These diamonds have been crafted with “ultimate precision” and they represent the “pinnacle of diamond cut quality, taking light performance to the extreme.” Basically, at every angle of an A Cut Above piece, the gems will sparkle like no other you’ve ever seen.\

These diamonds are the most analyzed and reviewed in the world. And with it you get confidence in your choice with these reassurances:

  • In-Stock & Fully Vetted
  • ISO 9000 Certified Review
  • Light Performance Imaging
  • Lifetime 100% Trade-Up
  • Buyback Guarantee
  • Proprietary AGS Certificate
  • Negligible Fluorescence
  • AGSL Triple Ideal
  • Laser Inscription
  • 360 HD Video

Coming in both round and princess cut, in order to receive the A Cut Above brand, a gemstone has to receive the coveted Triple Ideal from the American Gem Society Laboratory. The diamond then has to pass a series of tests that represents their light performance quality and aesthetic. These are exclusive, special diamonds that will always stand out among the others.

10 Tacori Engagement Rings

Classic Crescent Scalloped Milgrain Princess Cut Diamond Ring | $2920

This classic, princess-cut diamond ring has been dipped in a shiny 18k white gold and will speak to the hearts of so many brides-to-be. It’s delicate, feminine and holds so much romance in its dainty design.

Dantela Crescent Motif Pave Diamond Ring | $2660

This design also comes in 18k white gold and showcases a gorgeous, solitaire pave set diamond. Those delicate details present focus and more chance for sparkle at every angle.

Sculpted Crescent Floating Diamond Ring | $2180

Another princess-cut diamond ring with a timeless finish, this design would certainly withstand the test of time. And pay attention to those surprising crescent details that pop from the side of the ring with personality and uniqueness.

Full Bloom Round Halo Diamond Ring | $6350

If you’re looking for a super stunner, then this full bloom design will definitely strike your fancy. There’s a French-cut, round diamond that sits in the center while the rest of the gems encircle and enhance its beauty – it’s got that signature, Tacori crescent hidden in the details too.

Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Diamond Ring | $3680

Here’s another design from the “Full Bloom” collection that we’ve fallen in love with. Its center diamond is accented in a way that makes you feel like you’re wearing a blossoming, glittering gemstone and those Tacori crescent details on the side are beautifully lit by its shine.

Starlit Princess Solitaire Diamond Ring | $1910

A daintier ring with a romantic presence, this starlit diamond feels very youthful and bright. Don’t miss any of these details here either; from the pin-dot constellation on the side to the diamond’s “crown” on top.

RoyalT Eternity Bloom Diamond Ring | $10990

You’ll really knock your bride-to-be’s socks off with this stunning design. Between the yellow gold and scattered pave diamonds, there’s so much about this ring and its many details to fall in love with.

Starlit Classic Bezel Solitaire Diamond Ring | $2080

Another ring that screams timeless style and elegance, this round-cut diamond ring will certainly steal your heart. It’s chic, it’s clean but it still holds those signature, Tacori crescents where you’d least expect it to round out the design.

Blooming Beauties Double Bloom Diamond Ring | $7720

Instead of just one bloom, you get two in this blossoming beauty. With a unique design on both sides of its center diamond, this ring has a certain amount of vintage appeal and sophistication that many brides crave.

Simply Tacori Flat-Edged Solitaire Diamond Ring | $1560

One of the most simple designs of the bunch, this is a beautiful choice for this with more minimalist and modern tastes. Showing a gorgeous, round solitaire diamond, the centerpiece is accented nicely by a small bout of crescent details and a high-gloss band.