T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band

When Do I Get to Add New Bands to My Wedding Ring?

Extra bands aren’t needed to go along with your engagement and wedding ring, but if you’re itching to know when you can slip another beauty onto your finger, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Or maybe you’re about to celebrate a big moment in your marriage; a new baby, a graduation, a career move, a recovery? There are a lot of reasons and moments that giving a new “anniversary” band is deemed appropriate. Check out all the info below and find out the when, how and what’s the best route to take.

When To Give An Anniversary Band?

There’s truly no right or wrong answer here. In fact, the best time to give a gift this special is when you feel as though the timing is right. Here are some examples!

Milestone Years

Are you creeping up on the 7-year itch or maybe you’re about to pass the 10, 20 or 40 year mark? Milestone years are the perfect time to give your loved one a new addition.

Whether it’s to replace an older style or stack alongside it, you can have a lot of fun indulging in a new design with such a great reason to do it.

Big Celebrations

There may be a few times throughout your lives that the timing isn’t during an actual anniversary but a big moment instead. Some celebrations include:

  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Vow Renewals
  • Surviving a Sickness/Accident
  • A “Date-Aversary” – a first kiss, the proposal date, etc
  • A New Baby
  • Graduation or Promotion

How To Choose?

Often a multi-stone band or one with an infinity design, anniversary bands are a bit more glamorous than traditional wedding rings.

A popular anniversary design includes the 3-stone beauty; with the three stones representing your past, present and future in the marriage. Of course you can’t go with the infinity symbol set in diamonds or an infinity band, which has stones reaching the entirety of the ring symbolizing a forever love.

If you’ve deciding to give a new band on a certain anniversary, you could also incorporate the “number” of years into its design. A five year anniversary could have five stones, for example. But remember, not every “celebratory” ring has to be a traditional band. You can still show your love with a brand new gemstone design if that fits your style a bit better.

How To Wear?

Again, there are no actual rules set in place for how to wear your anniversary bands either. You pretty much do what looks and feels right here too.

Preferably you go with a design that’s easily “stackable” with your wedding band or engagement set. If not, you can always show some love to your right hand as well. Other times, women choose to forgo their older pieces and rock their new gift instead – at least for a while, until they decide to start interchanging them along with their outfits or the formality of the day.

5 Gorgeous Stackable Anniversary Bands

Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring | Brilliant Earth | $1290

Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring

With a vintage style, this delicate, marquis-accented design is filled with both femininity and love. Dipped in 18k white gold, this band is easily stacked or worn on its own.

⅙ ct. T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band | Zales | $299.99

T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band

Incredibly affordable, this yellow gold stunner is the perfect option for those looking to add to what they’re already wearing. It’s a simple design that versatile and timeless.

SummerRose Vintage White Gold ¼ ct TDW Diamond Ring | Overstock | $844

SummerRose Vintage White Gold

If you want something that’s truly extra special and feels like a celebration within its own design, then this SummerRose beauty may be exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring 24 diamonds and the ability to come in yellow, white or rose gold, it’s definitely a piece worth honoring with.

Elsa Peretti Wedding Band | Tiffany | $1575


Elsa Peretti Wedding Band

The three stones here easily symbolize the past, present and future of a couple’s love story. And it’s designed in such a way that it will always be a timeless piece; one that can be passed on throughout generations.

1/10 ct T.W. Diamond Infinity Ring | Helzberg | $199.99

 T.W. Diamond Infinity Ring

Another gorgeous design that can stand on its own or among a stack of love symbols, this 10k charmer is affordable and pretty too. It also featured 30 single cut diamonds along its display.