Q: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I Think My Engagement Ring Is Hideous?

Oh dear. This is never an easy task, especially since many men slave over what type of ring to purchase. Since your now-fiance did not ask you what kind of ring you liked and surprised you with the proposal, you are kind of, um, in a bind. Your best bet is to wait for him to ask you what you think of the ring and tactfully saying it is not your favorite shape or you do not care for the embellishments on the band. You are going to wear this ring for a long frickin’ time, so you should like it. If you can possibly sell or exchange the ring for something you actually want to show off, that is ideal. The ring situation is also a good time to re-assess how you communicate with each other. After all, it is not your job to agree with everything your partner does or says, and vice versa. Have this conversation before you go wedding ring shopping!