How To Measure Engagement Ring Size

There may be some fellows out there that are trying to figure out their girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing and there may be others that just want to do the sizing themselves, either way, we have a quick and easy guide to follow to get the job done. So, before you go off and buy those diamond engagement rings, let’s figure out how to find out to get them fitted correctly.

Of course, going to a jewelry store and having it done professionally is the best way to go – but if that isn’t an option for some reason we’ve compiled a small list of tips and tricks. Scroll through below and end on a high note with some new styles we’re swooning for!

Different ways to measure engagement ring size

Stick With A String

You’ll need a piece of string or dental floss for this one. Whatever your medium, wrap it around the base of your ring finger and use a marker or pen to mark the point where the circle around your finger ends.

After you’ve done that, grab a rule and use the millimeter side to measure the length. Compare it to a traditional ring size chart to find the appropriate size.

Grab A Sample

For those wanting to be extra sneaky, grab one of the rings from her jewelry box and use it. Take it into the jewelry store and have them size it. Just make sure you grab a piece that she won’t miss or notice that it’s gone for a day or two.

Know the Average Size

And when all else fails, just go with the average ring size for women. Worse case, the jewelry store can resize it without any extra costs.

Most women fall between a size 5 and a size 7.25. Most rings in the glass cases sit around a 6.5 to a size 7.25.

Now that you know how to measure your engagement ring size – the right way – how about you check out some of our favorite designs from our friends at Natalie Diamonds? Check them out below!

6 Of Our Favorite Engagement Rings from Natalie Diamonds

Cross Prong Design Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   |    $1439

Featuring five pave diamonds, this round centerpiece is a glittering and stunning choice for an engagement. You can even customize the design by adding colored diamonds to the sides, black, blue, pink, or even yellow – or choose emeralds, sapphires or rubies as the accent. It’s a great way to add a bit of personalization.

French Cut Pavé Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring   |   $1389

There’s something extra special about a halo cut diamond, and this one is no exception. It showcases a French pave-set diamond that includes a cushion at its center. There’s a lot of timeless style attached to this sophisticated beauty.

Rounded Cathedral Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring |   $1079

If you’re looking for simple and chic this is the ring for you. An emerald cut diamond is one of the richest choices you can make. It surpasses the transcends the trends and will make any bride feel like royalty.

3 Stone Past Present Future Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring    |   $2149

Maybe you want to stray away from the solitaire finds. If so, this may be something you’ll want to take a second look at. This stunner features 3-stones with a round diamond at its center.

Graduated Side Stone Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   |   $1459

Here we have a princess-cut diamond with some side additions for bouts of extra sparkle. For a bride that wants a punch and pop of oomph, you’ll need to check out the details of this design. You can customize this one as well with colored diamonds or other gemstones to accent the center diamond.

Novo Cushion Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring    |   $899

And to finish off our favorites, we have this class design. For those looking for a sprinkle of modernity, you’ll want to make sure not to overlook rings such as this. They’re easy to bypass with all the other glittering styles in the glass cases but this one is timeless.